September 12, 2014 – Richard Somers Event Tomorrow is Inside, if it Rains

Special Update

50% chance of light rain tomorrow.?? If it rains,?Richard Somers ceremony will be inside Somers Point City Hall, Council Chambers, at NJ Ave. and Shore Road.?? Plenty of free parking in back.

Either way, ceremony at?1pm tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 13 ?at NJ Ave. and Shore Road.?? If you don’t see us at the Richard Somers Monument, 803 Shore Road (by NJ Ave) in Somers Point, please look for us in City Hall.?? Thanks.

Regardless of weather, fundraising buffet at Gregory’s Restaurant/Bar at 2:00 PM immediately after ceremony.?? Tickets may be purchased at door for $25 person, $35 couple.??? Cash bar.

Short regular monthly business meeting before ceremony tomorrow? (Second Saturday of month) at 9:30 AM?this Saturday morning, September 13.?? As always, non-voting members are welcome to attend and participate.??Shore Diner,?Tilton & Fire Roads by Parkway Exit 36 in Egg Harbor Township.?? ? Our breakfast discussions each week when there is no business meeting?are open to anyone who supports our traditional American system of liberty and wants to learn more about it.

The only admission charge is to order and pay for your own breakfast, and to generously tip your server.

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