Learn Dirty Tricks of SPLC. How to Discredit Lies, Cut Funding.

Almost every month, the so-called “Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) targets and destroys the reputation of at least one caring, loving, smart, educated, tolerant, and law-abiding American–or worthwhile group–who dares to organize and speak out against Obama/Clinton Democrats and their radical, hate-America agendas.

Often, SPLC does it by inventing the most outrageous lies, and then getting them published, or broadcast by “mainstream” newspapers and TV stations, and relied on by schools and colleges.

SPLC is dangerous because it receives big donations from corporations like Apple, 21st Century Fox, MGM Resorts, JP Morgan, Uber, and others.

Find out how to identify and expose their lies and dirty tricks–and shut off their funding. If you can’t make it, at least check this short video.??https://capitalresearch.org/article/guidestar-drops-splcs-fake-hate-group-label/ Thanks.

Also to be discussed tomorrow:? Support Your Local Police.? Most riots, protests, and often frivolous lawsuits and even criminal charges are against police officers who did nothing more than enforce the law and protect life and property in very dangerous and difficult situations.

Very few protests and riots are justified or spontaneous. They are carefully planned, designed, and funded as part of a plan to replace local police loyal to their communities with a highly political federal police force. Learn the details 7pm tonight at the Shore Diner.

This event is sponsored by Steve Jones, a member of?LibertyAndProsperity.org, and other members. However, it is not sponsored by our organization itself.

For more information on LibertyAndProsperity.org, please visit our website or our Liberty And Prosperity Facebook Page.

Or contact Seth Grossman at (609) 927-7333 or info@libertyandprosperity.org.? Thanks.

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