Unsustainable, Unconstitutional NJ Debt Driving Gas Tax, Toll, Property Tax Hikes. Other Saturday Discussion Topics.

Seth Grossman Interview with John DeMasi on Talk With A Purpose, WPGTalkRadio.com, 95.5 FM, Atlantic City, NJ, March 26, 2022.

Paying back unconstitutional NJ Transportation Trust Fund Authority junk bonds, not building and fixing roads and bridges is what caused big hikes in NJ tolls and gas taxes.  Unconstitutional and unenforceable promises to pay for unfunded teacher pensions and retiree health benefits causing massive hikes in NJ State and local taxes.  All this is unsustainable.  Only question is when will system collapse and who will get hurt.

NJ politics dominated by NJEA “teacher’s union” that also includes secretaries, janitors, and cafeteria workers.  All or forced to join the NJEA union and forced to pay roughly $600 to $1,000 each year in union dues.  NJEA has anywhere from 100,000 to 200,000 members and collects and spends more than $120 million per year.  It is probably the most powerful political force in America.

Democrats are pushing Ketanji Jackson for U.S. Supreme Court because they know the written words of U.S. Constitution mean nothing to her.  Today’s Democrats believe what Brigid Callahan Harrison wrote in her textbook, American Democracy Now that is taught in most colleges.  Harrison wrote that politics decides who benefits in society and who does not.  That is not what the founders of America believed.  The U.S. Constitution they adopted was to establish a nation where each of us has the right to make the most important decisions in our own lives and to benefit from our good choices and accepted the consequences of bad ones.  Our Constitution was deliberately designed to stop people who win elections to use the power of government to take what they want from those who lose.  When Ketanji Jackson said she could not define what a woman was, because she was not a biologist, she was really saying that she could not define what any word of the Constitution said, until she knew which interpretation would promote here political agenda.

Final point, earlier this week, WPGG weekday host Harry Hurley and NJ Broadcasters Association head Paul Rotella talked about the danger of a “Music Tax”.  It would force all radio stations to pay into a government run fund every time they played a copyrighted song.

Article I, Section 8 of U.S. Constitution says that “to promote the Progress of Science and useful arts”, Congress and the Federal government “can secure for limited times to Authors and Inventors, the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries”.

In the past, the government issued patents and copyrights to inventors, songwriters, and composer for 21 years.  This was more than enough time for them to profit from their songs, writings, and inventions.  Years ago, musicians and songwriters wanted radio stations to play their songs because they wanted free publicity to sell their recordings and tickets to their concerts.  However, about 60 years ago, big corporations starting buying up the rights to all songs.  Then they used their political influence to lobby Congress into extending the length of copyrights to 60 and 80 years.  This is doing nothing to promote the writing of new songs.  Now these big corporations are using their influence to lobby for this new “music tax” on all radio stations.

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