Why Can’t Governments In America Fix Anything Anymore?

Whatever happens to America, happens to Atlantic City first.  For past 50 years, government everywhere unable to fix anything.  Poison water in Flint Michigan. Broken streets in Atlantic City, NJ.  In government today, there is a total lack of responsibility, and total lack of consequences for doing something wrong.  Total lack of rewards for doing something right.

I was on the board of a condominium association in Florida.  Before I could get on the board, I had to swear that I had read certain materials explaining what my duties were.  One of my duties was to know what a capital reserve fund was, and to make sure it was funded.

If you run a condominium association, you know that the building has a roof that needs to be replaced something like every 15 to 20 years.  You know that the heating and air conditioning needs to be replaced something like every 10 to 15 years.  Therefore, each year, you have to set aside enough money so that you can replace the roof, the heating, and the air conditioning when they wear out.

It doesn’t work that way in government.  In government, you don’t have to set aside a nickel for your streets, your buildings, or your bridges.  So when one of them falls apart, it is normal for government to either borrow money, or beg from the state or federal government for a handout.

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