In the 1400’s, Italians in Venice knew how to protect themselves from deadly contagious diseases.

They would not let visitors from infected countries get off their ships–until they were free of the disease for forty days.??? ?Quarantine? comes from the Italian word “quaranta” which means forty.

The English word ?quarantine? today means keeping? infected people away from those who are healthy.

For roughly?700 years, public health officials routinely used quarantines to protect?people from deadly contagious diseases.???Even in this age of modern medicine, quarantines are?the only effective way to stop the spread of contagious diseases.

Quarantines regularly saved?lives in America until the 1980’s.?? That was when “progressives” for the first time?stopped the government from using long established public health measures to contain the HIV virus that caused the incurable AIDS disease that was then killing gay men.

“Progressives” were more concerned with protecting the privacy “rights” of the small number of gay men who were then infected than in saving the lives of millions of people who were healthy.

As a result, “progressives”?would not let the government close?the highly profitable gay bath houses (whose wealthy owners gave generously to “progressive” causes).? They would not allow?the small number of people then infected be tested and identified.???”New?”HIPAA” laws? made it a crime to share that information so that?healthy people could protect themselves by avoiding intimate contact with infected people.??As a result, millions of Americans were unknowingly infected and died during the next 20 years.?? Eventually, “progressives” agreed that to?sensible public health measures, but by then, it was?far too late.??All this is?fully documented in the book “And the Band Played On”? by?respected San Francisco Chronicle reporter?Randy Shilts.??? Shilts, who is gay, lost many close friends in that epidemic.?? See

Don’t let “progressives” and their “political correctness” needlessly kill millions of Americans again.??? Demand the IMMEDIATE end to?all commercial flights to and from Ebola infected areas immediately.?? Demand the IMMEDIATE enforcement of immigration laws at our borders.??For more information, visit our Liberty and Prosperity Facebook or join us for breakfast any Saturday morning at the Shore Diner in Egg Harbor Township, NJ from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM.

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