Sex & Gender Curriculum at NJ Grade Schools

So if you’re in Egg Harbor Township, if you’re in Atlantic City, what did your school board do?

But what the real story is, is these same standards are being rained rammed down in every other school district in New Jersey.

From the John Demasi WPG radio show. Sept 10, 2022.

I bet these standards are being adopted without many parents or even knowing it’s going on because there wasn’t the push back like you have an Ocean City, the people were pushing this really, or the NJ, the teachers union.

And the President Sean Spiller: we want to give our young people a fully rounded education

Grossman: explicit sex education is just part of it.

And he’s saying that anyone who opposes them does not want their children to learn the truth.

Well, the truth is there’s a lot more to life than sexuality at age 8-9 and 10.

But there’s another part of the curriculum that’s also part of this package.

One of them is something called The Amistad Project, basically to blame all whites for the evils of the of slavery.

And they’re saying this is telling the truth, but it’s not telling the truth. Because part of the truth of slavery is the story of Richard Somers of Somers Point, that for 1000 years white Christians were systematically hunted down by what was called the Barbary kingdoms, the Islamic kingdoms of North Africa and they were rounded up and sold and spent their lives as slaves.

And that practice continued until guys like Richard Summer of the United States was sent by Thomas Jefferson to put an end to it in 18.

You go to any school teacher I bet would not even know anything about that story, and that’s suppressed from our school. Same thing with teaching the Holocaust.

They have this woke way of teaching the Holocaust, and what they don’t teach you is that the word Nazi is an abbreviation for National Socialist.

That basically Hitler’s national socialism was just another version of any other socialism which basically says that some people in society have too little, and the reason they have too little is because other people have too much and you have to identify the enemies who have too much and hate them and kill them and take their stuff.

Now the communists would do that to the landlords and the big business people and or the aristocrats who they called him. All Hitler did was say we don’t have to kill all the rich people and take their stuff, just do it to the Jews. That element of the Holocaust is completely missing from the woke agenda that the New Jersey core curriculum standards is teaching.

And of course they doing there.

LGTBQ as part of curriculum as part of that. So it’s not just the sex standards, but the whole thing is designed to indoctrinate our kids, not to teach him how to think, not to teach him real stuff.


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