Sharon Zappia and Jesse Kurtz doing heroic work in Atlantic City! Election this Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Zappia is running as a Republican for 5th Ward Council (Trenton to California Ave. in Chelsea, Harrisburg to Albany in Chelsea Heights).??? Kurtz is running as Republican for 6th Ward Council (Jackson to Trenton Aves. In Chelsea, Raleigh to Harrisburg in Chelsea Heights).? The election is this Tuesday, November 3.

Roughly one fourth of voters in these wards were born and raised in foreign countries with socialist ?anti-colonialist? political cultures.??? Few learned the ?self-evident truths? of individual liberty and ?unalienable rights? of our Declaration of Independence.?? Few were taught the importance of our Constitution to limit the power of government.? ?Most were taught since childhood to support strong government leaders in exchange for being taken care of by them.? Many do not speak English.

Democrats have paid dozens of ?community organizers? to tell foreign born residents in their own languages that Republicans are against them and to vote for ?progressive? Democrats who will ?take care? of them.

Both Jesse Kurtz and Sharon Zappia deserve your support wherever you live.?? Besides seeking votes, ?they are also explaining our Nine Point Program for Liberty and Prosperity. ?Please click that link for details. ??2015-kurtz

Both Jesse Kurtz and Sharon Zappia are teaching? new Americans how almost everyone enjoyed good times in Atlantic City when we had low taxes and simple laws that made it easy for everyone to get permits and do business.?? They are explaining how high taxes, special deals for insiders, and corrupt ?pay to play? politics hurt the middle class in Atlantic City for past 50 years.

If you know anybody who lives in Atlantic City, please tell them to learn more about Jesse Kurtz and Sharon Zappia, and remind them to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 3. ? If you have time to “work the streets” getting votes on election day or the day before, contact those candidates through their Facebook pages. ? Seth Grossman for Liberty and Prosperity. ? Visit our Facebook Page!

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