Should Congress approve billions more for another “emergency” extension of unemployment benefits?

How many people do you know who ?are getting $500 to $600 per week unemployment benefits? ? Every week, they apply for their benefits online and click the ?Yes? ?box for ?Are you actively seeking work????? But how may never wrote a single resume, or applied for a single job???? How many were too busy fixing up their homes, taking vacations, working out at the gym, reconnecting with friends and family, or working for cash under the table??? President Obama and Democrats want billions more to keep giving ?more than a year of federal benefits on top of 26 weeks of state benefits for 79 weeks of unemployment.?? This is only two weeks after Republicans and Democrats broke their ?sequester? budget deal ?of two years ago, and spent billions over the limits they made when they promised to cut the deficit. ? ?Republicans so far have said nothing?which is what they always do just before they cave in to Democrats. ? ? ?If you think we are in a mess because government is already ?taking too much from people who work to pay too much to people who don?t work, contact our Congressman Frank LoBiondo by email at or call him at (800) 471-4450 or (609) 625-5008, or mail to or visit at his South Jersey office at 5914 Main Street, Mays Landing, NJ? 08330. ? Or contact Mike Assad, the conservative running against him in the June Republican primary election.

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