Six Days Later, Mainstream Media Reports Murder of 5 Yr Old For Being White–But Doesn’t Mention Race Or Motive.

MSN (Microsoft News Service), like most “mainstream” “news” sources said nothing about the murder of five year old Cannon Hinnant last Sunday for being white in Wilson, North Carolina until today, August 15, 2020, six days later.  Then it failed to mention race or motive, and buried the story behind others critical of President Trump and “Far Right Militia, Pro-Confederacy Groups”.

Conservatives throughout America voiced outrage on social media when not a single “mainstream” news outlet reported that a 25 year old black man deliberately murdered a five year old white child by shooting him in the head when the child accidentally rode onto his lawn.

This incident seems similar to when a 24 year old black man snatched a five year old white child and threw him over a third story balcony at the Mall of America near Minneapolis in Minnesota last year.

CNN online report posted shortly after April, 2019 incident at the Mall of America outside Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Race hatred towards whites appears to be the only possible motive in both cases.  The Minnesota man said he wanted to kill the child when his original plan to kill a white adult “didn’t work out”.

But what is causing this hatred and what is being done to stop it?  I personally think the “Black History” and “Django Unchained” pop culture in schools and Hollywood is responsible, and must be changed.  However, nobody can study a problem, or fix it, if most people don’t know there is a problem.

In the most recent black racist killing of a white, the “mainstream” media refused to report the story at all for five days.   Today, six days later, the media reported “5 year old child allegedly killed by neighbor”.  No mention the murderer was black, the victim white, and that race hatred was only possible motive.  No mention of efforts to learn the cause of this hatred.  Also, the story was buried below other stories critical of President Trump and “Far-Right Militia, Pro-Confederacy”.

During the much rarer cases when the perpetrator is white and the victim black, the story is headline and 24/7 TV and radio news for days.  The race of victim in mentioned at the beginning of each story.  And there is detailed analysis blaming all whites through “systemic” or “institutional racism”.

This June 2015 Guardian headline is typical of “mainstream” news coverage blaming all whites and all Americans for the very rare acts of violence against blacks in America today.

As a result, 2015, Confederate flags and statues all over the South were quickly taken down after one 21 year old murdered five blacks in Charleston, South Carolina.

In should be obvious that the mainstream “news” media and entertainment industry are now doing to whites, President Trump, and Trump supporters exactly what the Nazi newspapers, radio, and entertainment industry did to Jews in 1930’s Germany.

Not a single major story that can influence political opinions, no matter how interesting or important, is reported as news unless it somehow hurts President Trump or Trump supporters, or somehow help Democrats.

Every minor incident, rumor, or complaint that hurts or embarrasses President Trump or Trump supporters is presented as a story of great significance.

Any efforts by President Trump or his supporters to present facts or opinions that oppose the “mainstream” narrative are ruthlessly suppressed.  Businesses or employees supporting such opposition are shut down or fired.  Facebook or Twitter accounts and posts are deleted, banned or contradicted.  Opponents are falsely called haters or racists.  Either their statements are taken completely out of context or total lies are said about them.

This explains why roughly half of Americans today, especially affluent millennial women, falsely believe that most white Americans are guilty of racism while most blacks are victims who are free from it.  Their opinions are shaped by the “news” they see, hear, and read from “a variety of mainstream sources”, and each of those sources are deliberately distorting that news to achieve an evil political purpose.

For that reason, posts can now be seen on Gab at @libertyandprosperity or Parler at @libertyandprosperity1776.  I just opened a Gab account at @sethgrossman

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