SLAPP’d yet Fightin’ Back

A SLAPP suit or Strategic Lawsuit(s) Against Public Participation is a frivolous or malicious lawsuit or lawsuits brought on by wealthy individuals or corporations against individuals or nonprofits and social advocacy organizations for the purpose of harassing and intimidating them in order to “shut them up.” One goal is to use the court system to sue opponents out of existence.


Barbara ?Basia? Brown bought her home in Absecon in 2007. At that time there was construction at the empty lot next door. The project being built was luxury condos for people over the age of 55, and that was all it was to be zoned for.

Shortly after, the developer went bankrupt and the project sat partially finished. Then a new developer came along and purchased the project from the bank. Immediately after, he made several changes and went before the town?s Planning board (appointed solely by the Mayor) with a claim that the over 55 market was DOA and that per the SARLO bill the town was required to change the zoning to all ages.

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