Steve Lonegan on the Radio and for Breakfast Tomorrow (Saturday)

Steve Lonegan on the Radio and for Breakfast Tomorrow (Saturday)

Steve Lonegan will be on Radio 92.1 FM ( from?8AM to 9AM. ? And then at the Shore Diner for breakfast from 9:30AM to 10:30 AM tomorrow (Saturday)
The ?Shore Diner is at Tilton and Fire Roads by Parkway Exit 36 in Egg Harbor Township, NJ.
Just four years ago, the Republican establishment thought Steve Lonegan was too conservative to win in New Jersey. ? The did everything they can to make sure Christie, not Lonegan was the Republican nominee to run against Jon Corzine for Governor in 2009. ? ?Christie got 182,000 votes in the 2009 Republican Primary compared to 142,000 votes for Lonegan.But today, Lonegan is the front runner in the special August Republican Primary Election. ?He will run against the Democrat choice to fill Frank Lautenberg’s U.S. Senate seat in a special October election.Steve Lonegan is giving conservatives a unique chance to prove what we have been saying all along–that conservative Republicans have a much better chance of winning state-wide office than “moderates”–even in a “blue” state like NJ.

National Tea Party Patriots holding rally against IRS in Washington, DC on?Wednesday, June 19. ? Buses will leave from the old Shore Mall and other points to converge on DC for the Audit the IRS Rally. ? Spaces are still available. ?Click here for more information. ? The rally is from?Noon – 3pm.

First Liberty Principle -??Make all laws and taxes fair and simple. ?Apply them equally to everyone

The current tax code is neither fair, nor simple. ??Recent news reports and congressional testimony has revealed that the tax laws are not applied equally. ? Conservative, Constitutional, Tea Party, Liberty, and 9/12 groups received extra and improper scrutiny that other groups did not. ? Liberty brings prosperity. ? Complicated, unfair tax laws and enforcement perpetuate an unfair, dishonest, “pay-to-play” political culture in America–and especially in New Jersey.

Seth Grossman back as Executive Director of

The membership re-appointed me last?Saturday?after the election was over, and I was no longer disqualified from holding a leadership position with the organization. ? ?During my 18 weeks as a candidate, I learned a great deal, and made friends with many dedicated and talented conservatives all over New Jersey. ? ?We now have new opportunities to advance the cause of liberty all over New Jersey that we never had before. ? ?Learn more in future messages and at tomorrow’s breaksfast.

In Liberty,

SETH GROSSMAN, Executive Director

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