Stockton Students ?March? for Science. But Are They Doing Any?

?Stockton University student Maharshi Patel is coordinating a local March for Science on the Atlantic City Boardwalk Saturday to raise awareness of science and climate issues along the shore. The march will begin at Albany Avenue and the Boardwalk at about 2 p.m. and proceed down the Boardwalk to Kennedy Plaza near Boardwalk Hall and Caesars Atlantic City.? Patel is an economics student at Stockton. He said he is taking an environmental economics course this semester. . . ?? Press of Atlantic City,? April 19, 2017

Where is the science at Stockton University? Did a single physics or engineering class set up a model wind turbine or solar panel to measure how much electricity they produce? Can a $5,000 wind turbine or solar array warm up a slice of frozen pizza?

If so, will the professor invite the community to a demonstration???Did a single geology class study how the global warming that ended the ice age is different from any climate change going on now??

Did a single forestry or biology class do a single experiment to show how a natural gas pipeline under a paved road through the woods can poison the water supply or is more dangerous than the gas pipeline under Shore Road in Somers Point?

Patel, of course is an ?economics? student, not a scientist. But did he study the economics of ?green energy??? Did he or any students in any economics class at Stockton study whether homeowners with solar panels save any money from the electricity they produce? Or are they paid by a complicated scam?that triples the rates on everyone else?

If you are a Stockton student or have a friend or family member at Stockton, please help us set up a Liberty and Prosperity Club at Stockton so students can learn real science there instead of political indoctrination.

Photo on left shows flooding from March, 1962 storm.? Does Stockton teach students that damage from ?Hurricane? Sandy was similar to coastal storms of 1938, 1944, and 1962?

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