Stockton U Drops All Charges Against Student Accused of Openly Supporting Trump. Next Step: Make Other Conservatives Feel Safe On Campus!

One of many letters of support received by Bob Dailyda when he reached out to attorneys and pushed back against  fascist, hate-America Stockton University administration.  Unfortunately all those who expressed support for Bob claimed they are too fearful for their careers to openly say so.

VICTORY: Stockton clears student investigated after using Zoom background of Trump, posting political Facebook status

Although we are very happy that Bob Dailyda won his case, we cannot call this a victory until Stockton University takes decisive affirmative action to make sure this bullying of conservatives on campus comes to an end.  At a minimum, this action would include:

  1.  A public, written apology to Bob Dailyda by Stockton University President Harvey Kesselman.
  2. Appropriate disciplinary proceedings against the administrators and students responsible for actually threating a student with interrogation, suspension, a $50 fine, and mandatory “re-education” for the “bias crime” of openly showing support for our nation’s President.
  3. Creating and implementing a plan of inclusiveness and diversity of thought to include conservative, Constitutional conservatives,  Bible based Jews and Christians, and others who support American liberty and exceptionalism  as part of the administration and faculty of Stockton University.

If we do not immediate bring run-away colleges like Stockton under control, the “social justice” depicted in the black humor movie “Death of Stalin” will soon become normal here in America.

The “Death of Stalin” 2017 movie is black comedy fiction.  However, it is recognized by historians as being remarkably faithful to historical truth. In this scene, Nikita Khrushchev played by Steve Buscemi (who played Nucky Thompson in “Boardwalk Empire”) applies socialist laws and techniques of “social justice” to sentence Lavrenty Beria to death.  Beria had previously used those same laws and techniques to issue death sentences to thousands of others as Stalin’s Minister of Justice during the previous 15 years. Stockton used those identical legal tactics against Bob Dailyda, one of its doctoral students, when it threatened him with suspension, fines and forced attendance at re-education classes for openly supporting President Trump.  Stockton officials do not yet have the absolute power that Beria had.  Yet you can see what they would do with it if they did have it.

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