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Stockton University was not alone in ignoring the good judgment, bravery, professionalism and minimal force of Atlantic City Police Officer Dan Kramer.  Last year, itself gave months of war-headline, front page coverage to stories about one officer in Minnesota who used bad judgment and excessive force. Yet it only ran this one story on this outstanding officer in Atlantic City–and buried it on Page 3.

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Click here for link to PressOfAtlanticCity June 20, 2020 article on Officer Kramer’s arrest of gunman at elementary school shootout the day before.

Click here for Lynda Cohen report and video posted in shortly after the June 19, 2020 Atlantic City school shooting.

Stockton University got it all wrong when it sponsored the recent seminar “Policing Post George Floyd.” It should have instead held an event to recognize and praise Atlantic City police officer Dan Kramer.

The whole country already knows that on May 25, 2020, Derek Chauvin, a white Minnesota police officer, used poor judgment and excessive force. Because of that, George Floyd, a black man, died after he violently refused to get into a patrol car.

Hardly anybody knows that just a few weeks later, Dan Kramer, a white Atlantic City police officer, used good judgment, bravery and minimal force. Because of that, 19-year-old black man Aziz Abdullah lived, even though he led police on a high speed car chase while holding and shooting a handgun.

On June 19, 2020, Abdullah was in a gunfight at the Sovereign Elementary School in Atlantic City. The area was crowded with parents and students for a graduation ceremony. At least 17 shots were fired.

Officer Kramer saw this while stopped for a light at the corner. Kramer chased Abdullah’s car to Fairmount, then Albany Avenue, and then to the Expressway entrance ramp. Abdullah lost control and crashed his car at the ramp. Abdullah then jumped out of the car holding his gun and ran into a wooded area. Kramer was right behind him.

Kramer could have shot, but he didn’t. Kramer instead called for back-up and set up a perimeter. Abdullah peacefully surrendered two hours later.

For months,, like most “mainstream” media, used war headlines and front page articles like these to  falsely blame every police officer in America for the poor judgment and excessive force used by one officer in Minnesota.  It never again mentioned the bravery, professionalism, or restraint of Officer Kramer and the Atlantic City police.

The overwhelming majority of police of all races in America are like Atlantic City’s Dan Kramer. Very few are like Minnesota’s Derek Chauvin.

Stockton did great harm to our community by putting a spotlight on Chauvin, while completely ignoring Kramer. We don’t have a police problem in America. We have a criminal problem.
Stockton should recognize that the community, not police, support a culture that is producing too many selfish, violent and dangerous criminals. Stockton should hold seminars urging the community to stop tolerating and enabling people who provoke unnecessary, difficult and dangerous confrontations with police. It is the community, not police, that needs “reform.”

Seth Grossman, Executive Director

Atlantic City/Somers Point, NJ

P.S.  By coincidence, I personally saw Abdullah crash his car at the Atlantic City Expressway entrance ramp that morning, with Atlantic City Officer Kramer right behind him.  I was on Albany Avenue driving from my home in Atlantic City to record a radio spot at the Equity Communications radio studio at Bayport One.

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Seth Grossman, Executive Director

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