Sunshine and Breezes Questions

Any candidate who supports the forced energy transition to sunshine and breezes should explain their plan to minimize the following renewable energy problems.

  • Solar panels and industrial onshore and offshore wind turbines have short lives, only about 20 years. How will these machines be removed, replaced and disposed of to minimize pollution?
  • Where is the disposal and replacement cost identified?
  • Wind and solar are unreliable and there are no penalties for the unreliability. All other energy forms must provide an 85% reliability. Why shouldn’t wind and solar provide the same reliability guarantee?
  • If batteries are required for wind and solar reliability, why isn’t this a wind and solar supplier expense?
  • Why should wind and solar reliability cost be charged as a grid expense?


The following article describes the wind and solar problems occurring in Washington state. New Jersey will be facing the same problems and questions soon.



Highlights from the article

Going All Electric in Washington State with sunshine and breezes

For the vast acreage required for wind and solar, it’s pathetic destruction of pristine landscapes!

  1. Further, after decades of working around the world, wind turbines and solar panels continue to have a live expectancy of about 20 years. To-date there is yet to be discovered a financially viable means of recycling those renewables.  As a result, today’s old wind turbines and solar panels are being dumped into toxic waste dumps.
  2. Today, estimates are that by 2050, with current plans, the quantity of worn-out solar panels, much of its non-recyclable, will constitute double the tonnage of all today’s global plastic waste, along with over 3 million tons per year of unrecyclable materials from worn-out wind turbine blades.

Before committing to an all-electric State, Washington has the opportunity to seek decommissioning, restoration, and recycling down to the last dandelion of every wind turbine, solar panel, and EV battery, just like we have for a decommissioned mine, oil, or nuclear sites in America.

  1. The problem with renewables is that they don’t work most of the time!
  2. There should be financial penalties for wind and solar power plants inability to deliver at least 90% of their permitted nameplate ratings on an ANNUAL basis, like their backup competitors of coal, natural gas, and nuclear power plants that provide continuous uninterruptable electricity.
  3. Subsidies and tax credits for wind and solar power plants are based on “nameplate ratings”, thus they should be penalized when they cannot deliver what they have been permitted for.
  4. Practically every windmill or solar panel requires a backup from coal, natural gas, pumped storage hydro, or nuclear, thus understanding electricity generation’s true cost is paramount to choosing and prioritizing our future electricity generating systems.
  5. The percentage of actual electricity generated by renewable sources compared to the nameplate capacity, is about 24 percent.

Breezes and Sunshine to charge Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s EV’s




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