Taxpayers of Howell pay $1.3 million to four “harassed” and “insulted” township employees.

Howell Township in Ocean County made settlement paying $325,000 each ($1.3 million total) to four employees who claimed they were harassed and insulted by its Municipal Court Administrator over past 14 years.?? The administrator who allegedly did wrong won?t pay a dime, and will retire with full pension.? All money will be paid Howell Township taxpayers who did nothing wrong.?? Local governments rarely take these cases to trial because laws rigged against taxpayers.?? ?Fee-shifting? laws give lawyers for ?victims? of on-the-job harassment thousands of dollars in legal fees even if when they only recover a few hundred dollars for their clients after a trial.?? It is almost impossible to defend against allegations of things that happened 14 years ago.???? And unlike for other injury cases, no medical evidence needed to collect money for ?emotional distress? ?in discrimination cases only. ? Cases like this are reported every week for governments, public schools, and private businesses all over the state. ?Another reason why NJ taxes so high–and why so many factories and businesses closed down or moved elsewhere. ? Seth Grossman, Executive Director.

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