Teaching Calendar; Forgotten Stories of Atlantic City

After months of work, our teaching calendar is ready. For each month, it tells true but forgotten stories of some of the most important men and women who made America great, right here in South Jersey.

It tells the story of John Young. He was a carpenter and lifeguard from Absecon who got rich building amusements in Atlantic City—and then the Million Dollar Pier.

It tells how George Hamid, a teenager from Lebanon was so broke, he did gymnastic tricks for tips on the beach by the Boardwalk. Later he formed his own circus and then bought the Steel Pier.

It tells of Sarah Spencer Washington opening a small beauty salon on Baltic Avenue in Atlantic City’s Northside. And how she turned it into a multimillion- dollar cosmetics empire.

Buy ten calendars for twenty dollars, and give them to your family for Christmas or Hanukkah.

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