Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Ballot Question


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1.? Regular Breakfast Discussion:?? Saturday, November 2.?? 9:30 AM-10:30 AM?? Shore Diner, Tilton and Fire Roads, by Parkway Exit 36 in Egg Harbor Township.
Topics for discussion:?? Only four days to talk to folks about that terrible, horrible,?no good, vary bad Ballot Question on Tuesday.

A.?? High minimum wage with automatic hikes every year cause layoffs, higher prices, and hurt young people applying for their first job.

B.?? Constitutions are to equally protect the rights and property citizens when their side loses an election.? Constitutions should never micromanage the economy with permanent laws for temporary situations.

C.? This plan for yearly hikes in minimum wage ?even when the economy can?t afford them–is first step?of plan by radical ?progressives? to permanently wreck the American economy with a $15 per hour ?fair? or ?living? minimum wage. When communists run a country, people are paid according to their ?needs? (as defined by the government), ?and not by what they produce.? But as Trevor Loudon told us last week, ?progressives? pretend they want to stop injustice and fix problems.? But their real?goal is ?to take America down?.

2.? Mark Hutchinson?s ?Liberty NJ Political Committee? needs a few more volunteers who canvass owners and managers of shops and restaurants along the shore from Seaside Heights to Cape May this weekend.?? And to canvass train stations Monday at Lindenwold, ?Woodcrest, Newark, and Metropark.?? Some donors offered to pay volunteers for certain assignments.?? If interested, meet him tonight (Friday) at Monica Crowly? event or at breakfast meeting tomorrow (Saturday).

3.? Meet conservative TV and radio personality Monica Crowley tonight (Friday), November 1. At 6:30 PM.? Location:?? American Legion Post, 232 W. Mill Rd.Northfield, NJ 08225.?? The event is free.? It is sponsored by Americans for Prosperity.

4.? Margate votes on sand dune project in special ?local ballot question this Tuesday.?? For years, Federal ?bureaucrats, state politicians, and the Press of Atlantic City tried to bully Margate into building expensive, ugly dunes they don?t want and don?t need.? (Margate has a wide beach, sturdy bulkheads, and the lowest flood insurance rates in NJ.)?? If Margate votes ?No? and ?reject the dunes, and if nothing bad happens, other beach towns with wide beaches and wooden bulkheads might also rebel and demand the beautiful flat beaches we had for150 years?before the Federal government took over.? Details at:?http://athebeach.blogspot.com/

5.? Join?www.libertyandprosperity.org.? ?A $30 non-voting membership lets your receive all updates and attend all meetings with no responsibilities.?? Voting members pay $60, and must attend three business meetings each year and work on one volunteer project.???? For daily updates, be a ?friend? of Liberty and Prosperity on Facebook.? Or follow @Grossman4NJ on Twitter until we set up our Twitter site.?? Contact us to put your friends on our bulk email list.

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