Thanks for helping us give Congressman LoBiondo an important message about illegal immigration.

About 25 folks from Atlantic, Cape May, and Cumberland County crowded into Congressman Frank LoBiondo’s office on very short notice to deliver a very simple message.?? We don’t need ANY changes to the current immigration law until we seriously enforce it.?? That includes not only having strong controls at the border, but also identifying and removing anyone who manages to get through border security–or who legally comes here with a temporary permit and refuses to leave.???Congressman LoBiondo?was not there, but we did talk to his?Public Relations expert, Jason Galanes.??? Mr. Galanes said that hardly anyone from the district had yet shown up to lobby for the Open Borders?immigration “reform” bill.??? This surprised us, since the?Big Corporations, Big Unions, and the Archdiocese of Camden had been spending a lot of time and money urging support of the bill.?? Unfortunately, there was no newspaper or TV coverage.??? If you have not done so already, please do whatever you can to tell your Congressman, your newspaper, and your social media how bad uncontrolled and unlimited immigration will be for you, your kids, and grandkids.???? Keep in touch with us through Facebook.

Please let Congressman LoBiondo know that you
support Liberty and Prosperity’s position
on Immigration Reform.

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