The AG’s Main Concern – Murder or Metaphysics?

Isn’t it the AG’s job to arrest and prosecute crime?
DC Attorney General Brian Schwalb’s response: “We cannot prosecute and arrest our way out of it.”
From the article:

Former Trump administration official Mike Gill, a father of three, died Saturday from injuries sustained during a carjacking last Monday.

The carjacking occurred around 5:45 pm Monday when suspect Artell Cunningham, 28, entered Gill’s car as he was parked waiting to pick up his wife at her law office, shot him, and then abruptly exited …

Arrest records reviewed by the Daily Mail indicate that Cunningham had an extensive criminal history that included arrests for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, obstructing officers, failing to obey police instructions, driving an insured vehicle, fleeing the scene of a car accident, etc.

Critics attribute the fact that he wasn’t in jail to the policies of D.C. Attorney General Brian Schwalb, a leftist who believes arresting criminals won’t solve the city’s crime epidemic:

Is the AG empowered to put aside his main job to engage in social metaphysics? Specifically, to posit the existence of social phenomena – “it” – and then change the subject from the objective repeat-offender criminal actions of an individual to “it“. Isn’t it the prosecutor’s job to arrest and prosecute serious repeated crime and leave the metaphysics to philosophers, witchdoctors, propagandists – and most appropriately to the one party who really may have that responsibility – the defense attorney?
Here is the article:
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