The four NJ ex-governors who gave us biggest tax hikes oppose bringing cheap natural gas to South Jersey.

Four ex-NJ governors?support the? extreme watermelons (eco-green on outside, communist red on inside) in falsely claiming that running one 24 inch natural gas pipeline underground through 10 miles of the 1.1 million acres of Pine Barrens will somehow ruin the water supply and kill wildlife there.?? They are Democrat Governor Brendan Byrne, who gave us NJ?s first 2.5% income tax in 1976, Republican Tom Kean, who kept Byrne?s income tax, and then raised the 3% sales tax to 5% and hiked the income tax to 3.5%, Democrat Governor Jim Florio, who doubled the State income tax to 7%, and Republican Governor Whitman who promised to roll back Florio?s tax hike before the election, but who kept 93% of it afterwards.

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