Goal is Power and Control. Burning Books.

Inclusion. Unity. Oppression. Nonsense. They want to destroy America.

They make stuff up. They want power & control.

Seth Grossman was a guest on the John DeMasi WPG Radio Show.

LISTEN. These are some topics covered on Feb 18, 2023.

Presidents Day. George Washington’s birthday.

Truth about the Civil Rights Movement. After Civil War, the ‘great migration’ of blacks from south to the north.

Black Americans made enormous progress right up until the 1960’s.

Black History Month.

Haiti. Why do Haitians want to come to America?

Public Schools.

John D Rockefeller. Andrew Carnegie. Edgar Allen Poe.

Cleaning out our libraries. Radical left burning books for years.

Murphy wants AC Casinos to pay fair share.

Seth filed lawsuit. Murphy appealing.

The big lie of NJ Governor Chris Christie.



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