The Horrors of Carbon Dioxide

Green Britain faces food shortages as energy crisis shuts down factories

We have all heard the narrative and seen articles and comments about how the element carbon is a pollutant (Carbon Pollution). Carbon dioxide will cause unimageable environmental disasters even though carbon dioxide is a basic building block of life. Perhaps life is a pollutant? The unimageable disasters are proven by fact less computer models which will generate any conclusion the programmer wants by adjusting the assumptions and mathematical constants in the model.  The reward for stopping all generation and use of carbon dioxide is we will live in Camelot with a perfect society and environment.

Now when reality is introduced, the narrative is revealed to be delusional.  The attached article shows the nonuse and absence of carbon dioxide means limited food.  Food shortages now face the UK unless they begin generating carbon dioxide.

This shortage of carbon dioxide is caused by high energy prices which can be corrected.  What happens when the government prevents the production of carbon dioxide to `save the planet’?


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