The most important thing on November 5 ballot is Public Question #2

It would amend the NJ Constitution to not only raise the NJ minimum wage to $8.25 per hour this year, but raise it automatically next year and ?every year–even when business is bad.

Most voters think this is a good idea, because most voters don?t run a business.?? They don?t know what employers pay on top of wages for their share of mandated social security, Medicare, disability, paid family leave, disability, worker?s comp, paid holidays, etc.

Or that very few people?kids in summer or weekend jobs, or others without skills or experience, etc. are paid only minimum wage.?? Almost all businesses pay more to ?keep good employees.?? There is usually some attendance or other problem when someone is still making only minimum wage after 12 weeks on almost any? job.

Before you vote on Ballot Question #2, think what you would do if your store or restaurant had to pay a bigger minimum wage?even when business is bad?

Would you raise prices and risk losing more customers???? Would you lay off employees or cut back hours by sweeping floors less often–letting customers wait a little longer??? Would you stop training young people for their first job, and only hire experienced, older employees?? ?Would you avoid the law, and hire family members or illegals under the table??? Would you give up and close down?? And move to a low-tax state where you could live on your savings and social security???? And leave only big government, big corporations, and big unions running everything in NJ?

Several members of Liberty and Prosperity are frustrated that we are a non-political education organization, and formed a the NJ Liberty Political Committee.?? They do not yet have a website.? If you would like to work with them on this issue, please contact and we will put you in touch with them.

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