The Not-so-Easy Energy Transition

The implied basic belief of all green energy transition plans, including the New Jersey Murphy plan, is the transition from fossil fuels will be easy, cheap and quick. One hundred years of fossil fuel and electric grid development can be easily replaced, without any problems, cost increases, and service interruptions, in 10-30 years with wind and solar energy electricity.

Well, it is not happening! Reality interferes! As wind and solar grid penetration increase, the transition, we see increasing costs, decreasing reliability and the real danger of no energy being available. Simply wind and solar are inferior energy sources to fossil fuels.

The energy shortage in Europe starting in September shows the reliance on wind to supply electricity on demand, when combined with limited or no natural gas, can be disastrous economically. In Texas wind failed and the fossil fuels were not ready to take up the slack.  People died.  What happens when there is no natural gas?  The combination of massive wind sometime supply with no or inadequate natural gas backup promises a very cold existence. When people begin realizing wind and solar electricity delivers a colder, poorer existence, they scream NO.

This situation applies to New Jersey. The recent attempt to make the state Energy Master Plan law would have forced the state to deprive residents of fossil fuel heat and electricity regardless of the economic and physical effects.  Fortunately, the legislators resisted,

The state DEP talks about replacing the reliable fossil fuel heat and electricity with sometime wind and solar electricity but when faced with actually stopping the use of fossil fuels they refused to do so. Thus, DEP recent decision when climate alarmists demanded the rejection of all fossil fuel permits,

The climates alarmists now demand the state courts force the DEP to deprive New Jersey residents of fossil fuel heat and electricity regardless of the effects. If residents are not willing to `save the world’ by accepting a colder, less prosperous, shorter life, then it must be imposed on them by the courts.

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Seth Grossman, Executive Director

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