The Scary Predictions are Wrong


The scary predictions are wrong again. Models are believed again, reality is ignored. Last week NOAA released a report claiming sea levels would rise 12 inches in thirty years in New Jersey. This rate is over three times the historical sea level rise. Naturally all the climate alarmists and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) embraced this report and began demanding more restrictions on reliable energy use in New Jersey. Simply, if New Jersey residents become poorer, the rising sea will slow down.

Now the NOAA ‘evidence’ is becoming known and it is merely a computer model, not measured rising sea rates. Measurements show the sea will continue to raise at its historical rate of 7-12 inches per century, not per thirty years.

The DEP must embrace facts, not climate ideology and develop policies to support affordable, reliable and plentiful electricity to produce the wealth required to adapt to actual occurring climate changes.


NOAA and NASA’s Recent Sea Level Rise Claims Are All Wet – The Data Doesn’t Support It


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Seth Grossman, Executive Director

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