This Forgotten, Inconvenient World War II Hero Spent His Childhood In Vineland

Tonight, Steve Jones, one of our members is presenting a special program to program about him.?? He was born in India to American Christian missionaries, but lived with his parents in Vineland until he he was 12 years old.? At that time, he decided to be a Baptist missionary like his parents.?? His family moved to Georgia, where he completed high school and graduated college at the top of his class.?? In 1940, he became a missionary in Japanese occupied China, where he quickly mastered the language.?? In 1941, he moved to “free China”, the portion of China free of both Japanese and Communist control.

When Japan attacked America without warning, he was commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Army.? ?He thought he would be a chaplain and translator.? ?He ended up forming a network of reliable informers for the United States throughout China.? He gave valuable and reliable information on Japanese troop movements and shipping that saved the lives of countless American and Chinese soldiers.? His network also allowed helped U.S. Air Corps Colonel Jimmy Doolittle and dozens of other American pilots escape from Japanese occupied China after the Tokyo raid and other missions.?? He survived the war as a decorated hero.

However, ten days after the Japanese surrender, he was arrested while on a routine train trip by Communist soldiers who were supposed to be allies of America.? ?He was then immediately executed.? ? Details of the incident were covered up for years, and some information may never be known.? His commanding officer recommended that he be awarded both the Purple Heart and Silver Star after his death.?? However, he was denied both because he was killed by an “ally” after the war was over.?? Just mentioning his name is controversial and inflammatory.??? Learn more about this remarkable man who grew up in nearby Vineland, New Jersey.? Tonight at 7pm at the Shore Diner, 6710 Tilton Road, Egg Harbor Township, NJ? by Parkway Exit 36.

Is Casino Tax Break Settlement Collapsing?

Two years ago, filed a lawsuit to knock out a state law giving Atlantic City casinos a ten year tax break.??? The NJ State Constitution requires all real estate to be assessed and taxed equally, with certain limited exceptions that do not include casinos.?? One year later, Atlantic County government joined our lawsuit, when State Government broke its promise to give the County 13.5% of money collected from the casinos.

Judge Mendez heard argument on the case last November, but did not make a decision.? He instead urged the County and the State to make a settlement.?? Last April, the County and State made a settlement where the Casino tax break remained, but the County got a bigger share from the casinos.?? The big loser was Atlantic City.??? However, Atlantic City officials showed no interest in the case.? Atlantic City officials instead relied on unwritten and unenforceable promises by state officials to make up for extra money paid to Atlantic County with future state aid.

At that point, we agreed to dismiss our case ?without prejudice?.? We did not have the resources to continue by ourselves. We also did not want to be blamed for big tax hikes in Atlantic City if state officials cut state aid to punish us.? Now, six weeks later, the whole settlement seems to be falling apart.? State and County officials cannot agree on key details.?? Meanwhile, the State refuses to let us dismiss our case unless we admit that the 10 year tax break for the casinos is permitted by the NJ Constitution.? We refuse to do that.??As a result, the whole case is going back to Judge Mendez.?? We have no idea what will happen next.

MEMORIAL DAY TO BE OBSERVED TODAY, WEDNESDAY, May 30 at the Civil War Memorial in Atlantic City.???? When America was great, we held national holidays on specific days to remember important events in our national history.?? Since 1968,giving 3 day weekends to government employees seems to be the main purpose of our national holidays.

This year?s ceremony will pay special tribute to John Palmentieri, a World War II veteran seriously wounded by a sniper in France in 1944, five months after D-Day.? ? Palmentieri was one of four Atlantic City brothers who served in that war.? He died last January.

Recruits march down Atlantic Ave 1944
Atlantic City?s Civil War Monument was built at Providence and Atlantic Avenues in Atlantic City? in 1915 to celebrate the end of the Civil War 50 years earlier.? At that time, veterans of the Union Army and their families often held reunions and celebrations in Atlantic City.? This partly explains why Atlantic City had? close ties to national Republican leaders during that time.? ?Route 40, the first national highway to cross America, began in Atlantic City, and was named after Republican President Warren Harding.? Many streets in the Westside Neighborhood of Atlantic City are named after Republican Presidents and National Leaders, including Lincoln, Grant, Blaine, and McKinley.

Regular Breakfast Discussion this and every Saturday at 9:30 AM at the Shore Diner, 6710 Tilton Road, Egg Harbor Township, NJ by Parkway Exit 36/Northfield.

PRIMARY ELECTION DAY:?? NEXT TUESDAY, June 5.?? Because few people vote in Primary Elections, you have roughly ten times the voting power when you vote in June.??? In November, you must vote for either the Republican or Democratic candidates.?? In the June Primary Elections, you decide who your party picks to run in November.

You don?t have to be in a Republican or Democratic political club to vote in the June Primary.? You don?t have to be registered with any party.?? Any ?unaffiliated? independent voter can choose to vote in either the Republican or Democratic Primary Election on June 5.

FOR U.S. SENATE:? On the Republican side, Brian Goldberg, owner of a small construction company in West Orange ?is running ?against Robert Hugin, the former CEO of Celgene, a major pharmaceutical company in Summit. ?Goldberg is bracketed on the ballot with ?MAGA Republican? candidates for Congress Seth Grossman, Steve Lonegan, and Jay Webber.? Hugin is bracketed with the ?Regular Republicans? in all counties.

FOR U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES (2d Congressional District):?? The 2d District includes all of Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland, and Salem Counties, the southern portions of Gloucester and Ocean Counties, and three townships in Burlington and Camden Counties.

On the Republican side, former Liberty and Prosperity Executive Director and attorney Seth Grossman is running against Hirsh Singh, Sam Fiocchi, and Robert Turkavage.??? Singh is employed as an engineer by Hi-Tec Systems, a company created by his father Tribhuvan Singh.?? Hi-Tec Systems provides various services to the FAA and TSA federal agencies.? Sam Fiocchi owned and operated a farm irrigation business in Vineland.?? Turkavage is a retired FBI agent, who later worked for CitiBank.

On the Democratic side, State Senator Jeff Van Drew a dentist who lives in Dennis Township with an office in Pleasantville is running against three other candidates.? ?Tanzira “Tanzie” Youngblood, is a retired Gloucester County public school teacher.? Nate Kleinman a Salem County farmer and ?progressive? community organizer.? William Cunningham of Vineland is a former staff worker for Democratic U.S. Senator Cory Booker.

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