This Image Is 100% True. Facebook “Fact Checkers” Lie When They Claim It’s Not!


“Marching Through Georgia”, a very popular song during the last year of the Civil War proves the truth of this post. The South fought on, and most blacks there remained slaves until some 200,000 more mostly white Union soldiers fought, died, and won enough battles to march through Georgia and South Carolina to free them. The “flag that makes you free” was the Stars and Stripes. “Jubilee” was 50th year, when the Bible Book of Leviticus decrees that all slaves are to be set free. (A portion of that passage is written on the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.) In America, that should have been 1837. The verse about black slaves shouting with joy as Union soldiers gave them their freedom was left out of this rendition because it uses the term “darky”. That was then a popular term used by blacks to describe themselves to avoid using any word beginning with “N”.  However, that term was often considered a slur after the 1930s.

Confederates in Texas fought on and were the last to surrender.  Union soldiers were unable to free black slaves in Galveston, Texas until June 19, 1865.  Until recently, black Americans in Texas celebrated that day as a “Juneteenth”, a local holiday.  Other Americans observed July 4, February 22 (Washington’s Birthday), February 12 (Lincoln’s Birthday) and May 30 (Memorial Day) to celebrate when America was “conceived in liberty” in 1776, and had a “new birth of freedom” during our Civil War, “four score and seven (87) years” later.

Click Here For YouTube version of 1865 Song “Marching Through Georgia” by Henry Clay Work.

This image was previously posted on Facebook Page of Polish American Conservative Republican Club on June 19.  Facebook “fact checkers” lied when they falsely labeled it “False Information”.

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