This Is What “Track My Ballot” Looks Like When I Access My “Personal New Jersey Voter Registration System” account.

Like most New Jersey voters, I never requested a mail-in ballot.  Governor Murphy “requested” mail-in ballots on behalf of every voter in New Jersey.  Later, both the State Senate and Assembly passed a new law requiring each voter to sign a certification on the flap of the inner envelop, falsely swearing that each of us had requested the mail-in ballot.   I admit I signed that certification under duress, because I did not want to lose my right to vote.

I received my mail-ballot for the November 4 Election on Saturday, October 3.  My “Mail-In Ballot History” states that my ballot was “issued” on September 21, 2020.  That was 12 days before I received it.  I mailed my ballot back to the Board of Elections on Tuesday, October 6.  I put it in the mailbox outside the Somers Point, New Jersey Post Office.  The Board of Election reports that it  received my ballot the following day, October 7, 2020.

I am confident that even though I used the U.S. Mail, my ballot was received by two members of the Board of Elections, one from each party, just as if it were placed in a secure “Drop Box”.  My ballot status is still “received”, not accepted.   The ballot cannot be “accepted” until the Board of Elections (again one representative from each party) opens the outer envelope, and makes sure I properly filled out and signed the certification on the flap of the inner envelope, and sealed my ballot inside.  Again, my ballot status is exactly the same as it would have been, if I had put the ballot into a lock box.

I opened my personal New Jersey Voter Registration System account two weeks ago by logging into .

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