This Local New York Crime Story Deserves National Attention, Anger and Action!

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Sabir Jones, a 39-year-old “homeless” man from Newark walked, into the busy Fifth Avenue/53rd Street station in midtown Manhattan around noon on October 18. Without provocation, Jones approached a 26-year-old man getting off an E train. Jones punched him in the face, breaking his jaw.  Jones then walked up to an unsuspecting 30-year-old woman who had stepped off an F train. He violently shoved her head into the side of the departing train and she tumbled onto the tracks. Passersby jumped down to get her out before another train arrived. She was rushed to a nearby hospital where she underwent emergency brain surgery. A “a significant portion” of her skull was removed. Even if she survives, she will never again have a normal life.

Jones was quickly identified because he was “known to” police. He was arrested in Newark the following day.

Last July, Jones punched a random 65-year-old woman twice in the back at another busy station. A few months earlier, Jones was “connected” to an incident involving threats to a business in the Lower East Side.  Jones also had two “emotionally disturbed person” incidents there. Last December, Jones was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest when he refused to stop riding between subway cars on a J train in Brooklyn.

Jones also had at least 40 criminal cases on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River during the past 12 years. Those charges included aggravated assault, terroristic threats, theft, forgery, weapons possession, drug, assault, and sex crimes. In July of 2021, three domestic violence charges were brought against him. Jones had been “homeless” and living in streets and subway stations for roughly six years.

If this story promoted a “progressive” or “woke” political agenda, it would have been national headline news for days, if not weeks. There would have been detailed interviews of his victims and their families.

Politicians, law enforcement, and health professionals would have been identified, shamed, and held accountable for their failure to protect the public.

And why did Sabir Jones have such resentment and hatred for people he did not know? If Jones were White, and his two victims Black, the media would have searched for and reported a possible racial motive. They would have checked his social media and interviewed friends and neighbors. However, Sabir Jones is Black.  We only know that because police briefly shared his photo with the public when they were looking for him. The media did not report the race of his two victims who are White.

Local crime stories like this cry out for public attention, anger, and action.  However, if they do not involve a gun or racism by “white supremacists” or “right-wing extremists,” they are rarely reported as national news. That is because these stories do not promote a “woke” narrative that helps Democrats win elections.

That is why this crime story was reported only in local New York media, and only for two days. I learned of it only because I was driving into the city for a wedding on the day Jones was arrested.

So far, I have seen no follow-up coverage. It seems as if none of the politicians, law-enforcement and health professionals who let this happen will ever be questioned or held accountable. No laws or policies will be changed.

It also appears that we will never learn what caused Sabir Jones to have such uncontrolled resentment, rage, and hatred.

In 2015, Dylann Roof shot and killed nine random people in Charleston, South Carolina. He chose them because they were Black. That one crime resulted in years of research to identify the “historical racism” that caused his hate. There were national campaigns to remove Confederate flags at cemeteries and old statues at parks that nobody had noticed for years.

In December of 2012, the movie Django Unchained was released to American theaters. Its fake history promoted hatred of whites the way the Birth of a Nation in 1915 promoted hatred of blacks and the way the 1940 Nazi film Jew Süss promoted hatred of Jews in Europe.

Did Sabir Jones ever see the movie Django Unchained? Was he taught similar hatred in public school the media or other Hollywood or TV entertainment? If so, did they influence him?  Are law enforcement and health professionals asking those questions?

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