Today’s “Democratic Socialist” Blacks & Young People In US Act Like 1920s “National Socialist” Germans Because They Were Told Same Kinds Of Lies

Germany lost World War One because it and German Austria attacked or threatened too many countries, including the United States, at the same time. . . However, most Germans believed propaganda from their teachers, media and government that falsely blamed others. . . especially Jews.  This 1919 political cartoon from a “national socialist” Austrian newspaper was typical.

In 1920, most Germans were very angry.  They refused to admit that they lost World War One because of the failures of their own teachers and leaders.  They instead believed “national socialist” propaganda that falsely blamed others. That ended very badly.

Black Lives Matter “Mostly Peaceful” Protest In Atlantic City, NJ May 31, 2020.   Screenshot of video by

Today in 2020, far too many blacks and young people in America are angry. They refuse to admit that most problems in their lives are caused by their own failures and those of their teachers and leaders.  They instead believe “Democratic socialist” propaganda that falsely blames others. . . especially older white, Christian, Republican men.  This too will also end very badly. . .  if we allow this to continue.

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