Too busy to mope–Over Steve Lonegan defeat in NJ. Republican surrender in Washington

Steve Lonegan did the best any conservative can do in NJ right now.?? I won and lost elections over the years, and know the enormous amount of? time, money, and comfort he and his family lost, and how much stress and abuse they all took during the past four months. ? We all owe Steve and his wife Lorraine an enormous debt of gratitude.??? The best way to repay them is to build on their efforts.? It took years for the left to win elections, by first winning our culture–our schools, colleges, media, pop culture, ?etc. ?Neither Lonegan nor anyone else could overcome that in four months.? But they proved that in the months and years ahead,we can overcome those obstacles for future candidates. ? Then we will defeat the enemies of liberty whoever they are –“progressive”/socialist Democrats and crony-capitalist/pay-to-play Republicans. ? Please check the latest updates on and the Liberty and Prosperity Facebook Pages. ?Thanks. ?Seth Grossman

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