Until 1995, AFL-CIO Labor Unions demanded strict enforcement of immigration laws.

Then, these unions took opposite position.? After 1995, they?demanded massive illegal immigration, and quick amnesty and voting rights for 20 million illegals already here.?? Why?

The Sierra Club also opposed illegal immigration until 2005 because it caused overcrowding and development of “open space”.??? Then, Sierra Club and most environmental groups also supported massive illegal immigration and amnesty.? Why?


Trevor Loudon gave a very simple and convincing explanation when he spoke in South Jersey last week.

Loudon explained that during the past 40 years,?roughly 20,000?highly motivated radical, anti-American leftists built up a very effective organization called “Democratic Socialists of America”.

Most of these radicals?admire,?have close ties to, and often visit and communicate with leaders?in the?brutal dictatorships in?Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela.

Although these 20,000 leftist radicals are a tiny minority, they have enormous influence in every part of our lives today.????

That is because most?members of “Democratic Socialists of America”? spend most of their time joining and working up to leadership positions in America’s??largest and most influential mainstream organizations and institutions in the country.

During the 1970’s and 1980’s, many, like Bill Ayres rose to key positions in our public schools and colleges.?? Others made careers in?our leading newspapers and radio and television news organizations.?? Others worked up to top positions in the Hollywood movie and TV entertainment business.

In 1995, these radicals took control of the AFL-CIO labor unions, and in 2005, they took over the Sierra Club, America’s biggest environmental organization.

This explains why the AFL-CIO suddenly supported massive illegal immigration after 1995.?? Before then, AFL-CIO union leaders knew that massive illegal immigration caused?lower wages and fewer jobs for union members.???? After 1995, the radicals who now ran the AFL-CIO lobbied for massive immigration.?? The new radical leaders of the Sierra Club and most environmental groups are?more interested in helping Democrats win elections with new Latino voters than in giving better lives to their members.

The same thing happened to the Sierra Club in 2005.?? Before 2005, the Sierra Club opposed illegal immigration because it caused overcrowding and development of open spaces.?? After 2005, the Sierra Club and most environmental groups supported illegal immigration even though it was bad for the environment.?? Now the Sierra Club would rather use Latino voters to win elections for Democrats? rather than stop?development and preserve open space.

2015-0725-loudon-shorediner#1The most important issue is illegal immigration.????In the 1980’s, ?the Democratic Socialists of America systematically brought millions of? Mexicans and other Latin Americans into California illegally.?? Their goal was to take over the politics of the state by changing the demographics of the state.?? They succeeded.?? California, the largest state in America was once a conservative Republican state that elected Ronald Reagan as Governor.?? Today, it is a solid “blue” Democrat state where no Republican has a chance to get elected to statewide office.

The goal of Democratic Socialists of America is to have 10 to 20 million illegal immigrants voting in the next election for President.?? They know that if they do to Florida and Texas what they already did to California, America will be a one party nation, and no Republican can be Pre

Trevor Loudon’s Challenge:??There are a lot more “Tea Party” conservatives than the 20,000 members of Democratic Socialists of America.?? If tiny minority of “progressives” took over Democrat? Party to control national agenda, why can?t many more conservatives?take over Republican Party and restore Constitutional government and traditional American liberty and prosperity?

Watch?Trevor Loudon video of speech to www.libertyandprosperity.org breakfast last Saturday?at Shore Diner?in?Egg Harbor Township (by Parkway Exit 36)?? This is an amateur video made by one of our members.? We apologize for sound of?clattering dishes in the?first few minutes:??https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWPPAIuglCs

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