Trump Agenda, Unsustainable College Costs, Liberty Denied and Opioid Crisis: View, Share our Latest Videos

Steve Jones, one of our members, ?just produced these three new videos based on our one minute radio spots. ? ?Our radio spots and videos show how traditional Americans principles of liberty can be applied to our most serious problems today.

Please view them at the links below. ? If you like them, please post and share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and wherever you can. ? ?If you haven’t done so already, please pay your $30 supporting membership dues for 2017 or donate whatever you can so we can run the spots on more radio stations and “boost” them on Facebook.

If you have suggestions for improving our messages or other topics, please let us know at any Saturday breakfast discussion at the Shore Diner or contact Seth Grossman at (609) 927-7333 or Thanks.

Click here for video on “We Support President Trump’s Agenda”.

Click here for video on “Is denial of liberty and opportunity causing opioid crisis? ? Are government programs making the problem worse?”?

Click here for video on “Why did college get so expensive? ? Let’s talk about cutting college costs in half and improving education”.

Thanks for your support!

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