Seth Grossman June 29 Radio Message: NY Times Demands Replacement of Biden. Mainstream Media & Democrats Join In. Brigantine Mayor Vince Serra Explains How Ocean Wind Mafia Buys Support. Will Trump Do Mass Deportations This Time?

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Trump Debate: Trump did pretty good. Biden did awful. This goes to something we talk about almost every Saturday at our Liberty and Prosperity breakfasts.  Did Trump lose in 2020 because Democrats cheated?  Or did he lose because Democrats cheated like they always cheat, but Trump did awful in 2020 TV debate?  Would Trump have won in 2020 if he handled himself then as well as he did last Thursday?  Trump lost by less than a hundred thousand votes in three key states.

New York Times Editorial Board wrote yesterday: Biden has to step down and let Democrats pick somebody else. Before the debate, the New York Times said Biden was fine, and that Republicans were making fake videos trying to show that Biden was out of it.

New York Times Editorial Board wrote yesterday: Biden has to step down and let Democrats pick somebody else. Before the debate, the New York Times said Biden was fine, and that Republicans were making fake videos trying to show that Biden was out of it.

Why is this important? Why is Editorial Board of the New York times more important than the Editorial Board of the Press of Atlantic City, the Philadelphia Inquirer, or any other newspaper?

The New York Times sets the agenda for all of the mainstream media.  What the New York Times reports as headline news or opinion today almost always reported as headline newspaper by almost every daily newspaper in America.  And on most radio and TV network news.

For year, Republicans complained that the mainstream media supports Democrats.  Years ago, Rush Limbaugh was right when he said that the media controls Democrats and sets their agenda. And the New York Times effectively controls the media.

When the Communists ran Russia, they had a newspaper called Pravda, which means The Truth. Pravda did not report the truth–it printed the propaganda of the Communist party.  It told its followers which issues were important, which were not, and what action Communists should take.  The news printed by Pravda in Russia would then be printed by and repeated by “progressive” newspapers, radio, and TV programs throughout the world.  Even folksingers like Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger would write and sing folksongs to promote the party line of the day.  Until June 22, 1941, they sang anti-military and anti-England peace songs.  When Hitler betrayed Stalin and invaded Russia that day, Woodie Guthrie and Pete Seeger suddenly started writing and singing war songs against Fascists!  George Orwell wrote about this.

However, if Democrats follow the New York Times and try to get rid of Biden, they have a problem.  By picking a female Black Vice-President in 2020, Democrats were telling Black voters they were ready for a Black female President after Biden.  However, Kamala Harris is so awful, most Democrats are afraid to support her for President.  If  Michele Obama run,  how will Democrats pick a white candidate to replace Biden without losing Black voters?  Democrats will have a hard time finding a replacement for Biden. But my money is on the Democrats.

In 1968, Democrats got rid of Lyndon Johnson when he looked like he would lose.  Here in New Jersey, Democrats had no problem replacing once popular Governor Jim McGreevey in 2003 and U.S. Senator Robert “The Torch” Toricelli when it looked like they would lose..

But there is another bleak possibility:  Maybe Democrat leaders are OK with another four years with Trump is President.  Maybe they think they have done so much damage to the country that Trump will be unable to fix it.  If the country collapses under Republican Trump, Democrats can take over and run America forever.

A few days ago, Victor Davis Hansen posted an article called: The Logic In All The Madness.

Democrats brought 10 million invaders into our country on top of the 40 million who came under Bush, Obama and Trump. If Trump didn’t or couldn’t do or could do mass deportations last time, would he or could he do it if he were President again?

To save our country, we can’t say. Well let’s just deport criminals. Every one of those 50 million illegal aliens is a criminal because each one breaks the law each day he or she is illegally in our country.  “Asylum seekers” who are part of the majority of their home country are NOT here to seek asylum from persecution.  Many of them go back to their home countries for vacations every year!  They area also illegal aliens and criminals!

Besides an army of illegal aliens, Trump would also have to deal with a federal government debt of more than $36 trillion and a bloated federal government running every hospital, doctor’s office, public school and college in America.

Democrats will make Trump’s life just a miserable as last time.  Will Trump overcome them this time? Fed government spends $4 trillion more than it takes in. $1 trillion every 90 days.

Interest: paying 5-5.5% interest on the near $36 trillion in ballooning national debt. Serving that debt at current interest exceeds the size of the annual defense budget and may soon top $1 trillion in interest costs, or more than 13% of the budget.

Bill Bonner:  In 1930, Government controlled 10% of the economy.  Now it controls 50%.  One half of everything we earn is paid in direct or indirect taxes.  Most voters have given up. They don’t even want to cut spending.  They just want more spending so they can get more from the government. American voters are now as corrupt as the politicians we complain about.

We need someone to do what Javier Milei is doing in Argentina. When he was campaigning for President last December, Milei carried around a chain saw.  He promised to cut government spending.  After he won the election he did it! Healanced budget in 6 months. Fired tens of thousands of government workers. Cancelled hundreds of public work projects. Made government owned businesses pay for themselves.  He cut inflation by roughly two thirds.

State a;nd local government is also a big problem. Local and school tax hikes in every town, even though few taxpayers are earning more money. Most Americans have to get buy with less money and a lower standard of living so that government employees and contractors keep their standard of living.

Rush Limbaugh: You can’t fight Santa Claus.  All we can do at Liberty and Prosperity is explain what’s going on.

Mayor Vince Sera of Brigantine. WIND Corruption. At the first meeting, he was offered money by Orsted, the first developer that proposed building 99 wind turbines in the ocean off of Brigantine, Atlantic City and Ocean City.  Each one would cost more than ten million dollars and be taller than the Ocean One Casino.  And with no scientific studies to prove they would power our grid with useful electricity!

Look at the people who are openly supporting wind turbine projects. Look at the people who should be opposing them but aren’t.

Who’s getting the money?

Boys and Girls Clubs of Atlantic City. At night of hearing, figures like $1.5 million were being thrown around.

Stockton University. How much money did they get? If you’re getting money from wind turbines companies, are your professors and students going to do experiments showing how useless wind turbines are? No. They will talk about how birds and whales just love being around them.

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