Trump Prosecution: “Bolshevik/Socialist” a/k/a “Revolutionary” Justice

There is a simple explanation as to why former President Trump was prosecuted for 34 felonies over petty bookkeeping discrepancies routinely found in many businesses: “Bolshevik”/Socialist or “Revolutionary” Justice.

“Bolshevik” is the Russian word for “majority”.  Vladimir Lenin called his group of socialists “Bolsheviks” or “Communists” when they became the majority of Russian socialists in 1905.

By the 1950s, those labels became outdated and unpopular in America.  That is why today’s Bolsheviks call themselves “progressives”, “leftists”, or “woke”.

All of them still claim that America is evil and unfair.  They still say some “privileged” groups have too much, while “underserved” groups of “victims” have too little.  However, they invented new names for the villains they blame for this. In the past, it was a “bourgeoisie” ruling class.  Today, they blame “billionaires” (except George Soros),  “Big Oil”, “white supremacists” or “Christian nationalists”.

These socialists, “woke” leftists, and “progressive” always claimed that they are entitled to run every aspect of government and society. They believe that only they are smart and virtuous enough to do what is best for everyone. Today, they have elite Ivy League college diplomas to prove it!

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In 1918, Vladimir Lenin’s socialists created a new justice system when they took control of Russia.  Russian legal expert Dmitry Dubrovsky explains it:
“Under republican systems of government, the law aims to establish basic rights and responsibilities, and create a level playing field for all citizens (although this ideal is often less than perfectly implemented in practice). But equality before the law was never even an aspiration of Soviet revolutionary jurisprudence. The Bolsheviks did not see the law as a means to adjudicate civil and business disputes, or to dispense justice blindly; they viewed it as a mechanism to implement their social and political agenda. . .
“In the spring of 1918, just months after seizing power, Vladimir Lenin noted in a pamphlet entitled The Immediate Tasks of the Soviet Power that there was an urgent need to create ‘conditions in which it will be impossible for the bourgeoisie to exist, or for a new bourgeoisie to arise.’ The law, for the Bolsheviks, was the means toward that end, an instrument of persecution, not of dispensing justice.
“Independence was never really a feature of the Soviet legal system. The law, along with the system’s functionaries, was expected to serve the interests of the state, or, more specifically, the party running the state.
“All of the above-listed objectives were reflected in the Russian Federation’s first constitution of 1918. This basic law codified inequality, elevating a certain class, the proletariat, to preferred status. At the same time, it limited the rights of others, namely anyone deemed to be a member of the bourgeois class. . .  “

Few Americans know any of this. It is rarely even mentioned in most public schools or colleges.  There are no Hollywood or TV movies about this.

However, the idea of “Bolshevik” or “Revolutionary Justice” perfectly explains why Republican Trump was prosecuted for hush-money payments, while Bill Clinton was not.  Punishing Trump promotes the “progressive” movement. Punishing Clinton does not.

Above Image:  Felix Dzerzhinsky (1877-1926) Creator of CHEKA (Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage).  Later renamed NKVD and KGB. Under Vladimir Putin, it is now known as the FSB (Federal Security Service).

“Bolshevik/Revolutionary Justice”:  “The CHEKA is the defense of the revolution as the Red Army is; as in the civil war the Red Army cannot stop to ask whether it may harm particular individuals, but must take into account only one thing, the victory of the revolution over the bourgeoisie, so the Cheka must defend the revolution and conquer the enemy even if its sword falls occasionally on the heads of the innocent.” Felix Dzerzhinsky 1918

Paul Manafort, a Republican lawyer- lobbyist who helped Trump win the GOP nomination in 1016 was prosecuted  for failure to file financial reports.  No charges were brought against Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta or his firms for similar violations.

During 2020, NJ Governor Murphy enforced state coronavirus restrictions to punish the owners of the Atilis Gym in Bellmawr for allowing their customers to use exercise equipment outside during the coronavirus pandemic. However, Governor Murphy joined George Floyd protestors who openly violated those same restrictions.

The FBI used sophisticated surveillance to track down, identify and prosecute more than a thousand non-violent protestors who did nothing more than peacefully in or around the Capitol on January 6, 2021.  However, it did nothing to identify or prosecute thousands of rioters who broke windows, robbed stores, set fires and physically attacked police and Trump supporters the previous summer.

In 2019, the U.S. Justice Department waited five years before charging Greg Craig , White House counsel for Democratic President Obama with submitting clearly documented lies to the FBI about his activities in Ukraine.  A Washington, D.C. jury found him not guilty.  In 2022, there was overwhelming documentary evidence that  Michael Sussmann, a lawyer Hillary Clinton lied to the FBI to try to bring criminal charges against then Republican candidate Donald Trump.  However, another D.C. jury quickly found Sussmann not guilty.

We have seen this two-tiered justice system in America for nearly twenty years. Let’s start calling it by its true name:  “Bolshevik” or “Revolutionary Justice”.

Only then can we do what is needed to bring real justice back to America.

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