Trump vs DeSantis, Casino PILOT Lawsuits, AC LGBTQ+ Nepotism

Seth Grossman raises eyebrows. Compares Donald Trump to Ron DeSantis.

Donald Trump needs to learn the business of politics.

A little disappointed in Trump says Grossman.

Politics is a team sport. Leader must be loyal to his team.

Latest Casino PILOT lawsuit. Payment in lieu of taxes. All should be taxed equally.

Casinos claim they need another financial bail-out.

Atlantic County and Liberty & Prosperity just filed lawsuits.

Bailouts encourage waste.

NJ Gov Murphy borrowed $8 billion.

Biased NJ Supreme Court Justices?

AC Mayor Marty Small decided to give money to those with certain sexual preferences. Small started Atlantic City Department of LGBTQ+.


Why is Juneteenth needed? Cater to small group of people who just want to divide. Amplify conflict between races.

From Talk with a Purpose Radio Show on WPG with John Demasi. June 18, 2022.

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