Two Atlantic City ballot questions on school choice: Lower taxes, better education.

Atlantic City Public Schools spend $27,000 on each student every?year.??? However, far too many parents?are not satisfied with the education their children get for that money.?? Many struggle to pay tuition for?private schools.???Others transfer legal custody to relatives? in other towns, so their kids can attend better schools there.2016-kurtz-councilman

City Council member Jesse Kurtz proposed a school choice plan to help parents send their kids to better schools while cutting costs and taxes for Atlantic City taxpayers.???Atlantic City?voters can show their support for this?school choice by voting “yes” on two local ballot questions.?? They appear directly under the two State ballot questions.

The proposed school choice plan would let?both?state?government and local taxpayers apply some of the?$27,000 they now spend each year for each student on scholarships or tax credits to parents who agree to enroll those students in private schools.??? Details are at

Seth Grossman, Executive Director

November 4, 2016



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