Understanding World War III

Apologize for the “alarming” subject , hopefully got your attention

Reality though is the USA is in a Global War. We were not prepared in 1940  for the AXIS Powers aggression to control the world through Military dominance. It took Pearl Harbor in Dec. 1941 to wake up the sleeping giant who could supply, equip and fight the powerful and skilled Nazi and Imperial Japanese War Machine.

What will it take for people to recognize the form of aggression and intentions of aggressors in 2024?

The topic may be a subject worthy of a book, this is just message. The famous Historian “Charles Beard” theorized that all conflicts are about Economics. Bringing the microscope down to current realities , not theories ; the Global Conflict in 2024 is viewed in the West as between Freedom, and Socialist forms of Governance. But the real decisive issues is about Consumer goods and services. Who can sustain itself and supply everybody else. For a Price of Course.

The Soviet Union failed and eventually The Chinese Communist structure will fail. But in the current operative realities; they are kicking our butt. The “Front Lines” in this conflict are Supply and Demand, and Supply Chain Management is the Battle.

In WWII, the USA came together to out produce,  out supply and with the Allies out fight the Axis Powers. Today the Chinese CCP controls not just Governance Politically, but all Economic Activity. I shared a meal and couple drinks with a very successful Chinese Businessman some years back. Guy was absolutely a Capitalist and great at creating, financing and managing his business. I asked him is he was a Member of the Communist Party? He laughed “ of course I am! How do you think I get to build my business”.

Americans may chuckle and say, “ yeah we know that!. But it’s not Funny when we see the Chinese invested heavily in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East East even Southern Europe. Today even buying large tracts of Land in the USA.

We think this is just business. Friend; it’s about Control of Supply Chain. The Chinese will buy a costly project in Greece or in Brazil, develop state of the art, Ports and along with Rail, Shipping and infrastructure. Throw in Security, even Military installations. Hey; , it’s just Business Man!

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