“Unprecedented Fire Season” In Canada: Arson, Coincidence Or “Climate Crisis”?

Everyone agrees that Canada is on its way to having its worst wildfire season on record.  Everyone also agrees that Canada is having hot and dry weather that is supposed to continue until August.  “The distribution of fires from coast to coast this year is unusual,” said Michael Norton, an official with Canada’s Natural Resources ministry. “At this time of year, fires usually occur only on one side of the country at a time, most often in the West.”  However, so far, nobody has reported any facts to explain why this is happening.  We can only suggest theories.  Click Here For Link To Full Article on Canada Forest Firest Posted by AFP (French Press Agency) on June 8, 2023.

Phil Murphy, New Jersey’s “woke” Democratic Governor already blamed the fires on a “Climate Crisis” caused by global warming.  However, he did not produce any evidence that weather conditions in Canada this year are warmer or dryer than in previous years.  If they were, Murphy didn’t produce any evidence that weather in the rest of the world is warmer or dryer.  And, if conditions were slightly warmer or dryer, nobody has suggested that this would cause so many massive new fires all over Canada.

Some blamed the fires on misguided or non-existent forest management in Canada.  Like California, Canada does not systematically clear dead brush, branches, and fallen trees and tree limbs from its forests.  This is supposedly done to preserve nature.  However, it leaves the floor of the forests covered with highly flammable materials that catch fire easily and quickly spread wild fires.  This is what cause severe forest fires in California during the past few years.  However, these conditions existed for years.  This alone does not seem to explain why Canada has so many wildfires this year.

Forest fires are usually caused by either lightning or humans.  There have not been reports of unusually dangerous lightning conditions in Canada this year.  Have humans done something very different this year to start all these fires?  In California, many forest fires were caused by poorly maintained electrical power lines and transformers.  That does not seem to be a problem in Canada.  Humans also cause accidental fires by being careless with campfires, cigarettes, or burning trash.  So far, there have been no reports of big increases in these kinds of fires.

That is why we must at least consider the possibility that some of these fires are being deliberately set by humans.  Who would do that?  Obviously, psychopaths and other mentally ill people would have reasons to do that. But people who hate us, who want to destroy our country, and who feel they are at war with us would also start forest fires.

In 2016, several Arabs were arrested for starting some very serious forest fires in Israel.  They hated Israel and wanted to do whatever they could to hurt or destroy the country, while having a very small chance of getting caught.

Several years later,  the Al-Hayat Media Center of the Islamic State urged Muslims in non-Muslim countries to carry out Jihad against “the kuffar” (non-believers) by starting forest fires there.  ISIS Supporters To Muslims In West: Set Fires | MEMRI ISIS Supporters To Muslims In West: Set Fires | MEMRI

There are others who also want to hurt or destroy our country.  Communist regimes in China, North Korea, Russia, and Cuba all have reasons to make America poor, weak and divided.  A strong, prosperous America threatens their ambitions and control over their people.  Did the Communist regime of China create and release a deadly strain of coronavirus in 2020 to weaken and divide the non-Communist West?  If not, did they benefit from the destruction it caused to our society and economy?  Would they do something like that again if they thought they could get away with it?

Was to the high altitude Chinese spy balloon sent to take photos and gather other information about forests in Canada and in the northern United States?

Woke leftists here in America also want to destroy anyone who opposes them “by any means necessary”.  Would they start forest fires if they could blame them on “Climate Change”?

Again, it is far to soon to know what is causing an “unprecedented” wild fire season in Canada.  However, there are far more reasons to suspect systematic arson than to blame “Climate Crisis”.

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