UPenn, Harvard; Campus Hate Factories Allow Anti-Semitism

Trump vs DeSantis. Risk of using the ‘dictator’ term, even in jest.

Make sure to grab a copy of the Liberty and Property Teaching Calendar, 12 months of knowledge.

Calendar having big impact. Example: History of George Hamid, founder of Steel Pier.

Topics covered by Seth Grossman WPG Radio. 12.9.23.

Irony of Hanukah. Rededication of Jewish temple. Survival of the Jewish people.

The woke version of Hanukah is published in The Press of Atlantic City.

How Hanukah and Christmas are related.

Jews persecuted. Romans fed Christians to lions. Christians helped preserved true Jewish history.

Manipulated news in the mainstream media. Anti-Christian and Jewish? Anti-family? Pro-Hamas?

Bible study increases critical thinking. Religion can leverage fear-based motivation.

4000 years of wisdom in the bible. Judeo-Christian traditions.

Campus hate factories. Harvard and University of Penn. Anti-Semitism on campus dismissed by Presidents. They should all be fired.

Too many college presidents are unqualified, woke, diversity hires.

The infamous Atlantic City food desert. Still no major supermarket due to rampant crime and shoplifting. CRDA was ready to throw $18mil at the problem. Still not enough to withstand out-of-control AC crime, lack of effective prosecution.

Ocean City looking to buy open-space. How will massive illegal immigration affect Ocean City and other South Jersey towns?


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