Use MyTake.Live To Recognize Propaganda In All Media — Including ‘Conservative’ FoxNews!


Screen Shot of MyTake.Live news tracking and capture screen
Screen Shot of MyTake.Live news tracking and capture screen

Above Image:  MyTake.Live provides links to news stories posted by America’s most widely read news outlets.  Those outlets are displayed as either “On The Left”, “On The Right” or “In The MSN (Mainstream News). It also lets you search news stories by topic.  This lets you quickly see which media reports which news.  You will be surprised to see that “On The Left” often reports news of great importance to conservatives that is NOT reported by media “On The Right”.  At the same time, outlets “On The Right” often report important news concerning Democrats that is NOT reported by media “On The Left”.  Often media “On The Left” and “On The Right” both report important events NOT reported at all “In The MSN (Mainstream Media)!

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Conservatives have good reason to mistrust “Mainstream” and “On The Left”  media. “Mainstream” media includes most daily newspapers like the Press of Atlantic City and Star Ledger ( They also include national TV and radio networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox News Radio.

“Far left” media includes CNN, MSNBC, NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Both “mainstream” and “far left” media give us propaganda instead of news.  News is information about all of the most important events of the day.  It gives us facts we need to understand what is happening around us.

Propaganda is information about only certain, carefully selected real or  made-up events. Information about many important events is often not reported at all.  Information about trivial or occasional events is often presented as highly important and happening all the time.  Often information is presented about facts and events that are completely false and made up.

Propaganda is reported to persuade us to like and support certain people or ideas, and to dislike and oppose others.

Few Americans were aware of systematic bias and propaganda in “Mainstream” and “On The Left” media until 1987. That was when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) abolished the “Fairness Doctrine” for radio and TV stations.  Each station was now free to present whichever political views it wanted. Each listener could now choose the news content he or she wanted.

One year later, Rush Limbaugh produced a nationally syndicated two-way talk radio program. Limbaugh presented “On The Right” news and opinions to millions of Americans three hours each day, five days each week from 1988 until his death in 2021.  Much of that program made listeners aware of the systematic bias and propaganda of “Mainstream” and “On The Left” media.

Other “On The Right” media emerged during the next 15 years. They included Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin and Michael Savage on radio, Fox News and Newsmax on TV, and Matt Drudge and Andrew Breitbart online.  Today there are dozens of other radio, TV and online news outlets “On The Right”.

Today, most Democrats get news only from “Mainstream” or “On The Left” media. Most Republicans get all their news from “On The Right” news outlets.

American today are divided and angry at each other because most assume that they are well informed because they carefully follow their news outlets while anyone with a different opinion is ignorant or misinformed.

Many conservatives now see just as much bias and propaganda in media “On The Right” as in “Mainstream” and “On The Left” media. During the past year, almost every major story or conversation on CNN or MSNBC TV presented positive news about President Biden and Democrats, and negative news about former President Trump and “MAGA” Republicans.  Almost every story or conversation on Fox News or Newsmax TV  reported good things about former President Trump and “MAGA” and “Establishment” Republicans and bad things about President Biden and Democrats.  Events that did not support these narratives were usually not considered newsworthy and not reported.  As a result, most Americans are completely unaware of many vitally important facts and events.

David Goloff, a Liberty and Prosperity Board member spent months preparing a program that makes it easy to see this bias in all three media groups.  It is called MyTake.Live.  I invite you to try it.

See How MyTake.Live Works On Above Silent Video Tutorial. (Mobile View)


Leaders dig and search the news for their own purposes and to fight propaganda. This video shows how MyTake.Live helps you be an active researcher.

David is offering a 14 day free trial.   Simply visit the site, and follow the video to see how it works.  Then create a two week free account with your email address and password.

Although David Goloff is a member of Liberty and Prosperity 1776, Inc. his product is prepared by his own company and is not affiliated with our organization in any way.

man having an aha moment by thinking for himself
There is a certain aha moment that only comes from doing research to think for yourself

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