Voter Integrity, Gaza Aid Hijacked by Hamas, Gov Murphy Raising Taxes.

Topics discussed on the recent Talk With A Purpose radio show. WPG. Seth Grossman and John Demasi.

Seth visits Epcot in Disney. Florida. Safe. Clean. Security checks. Like turning back time.

The invention of daylight savings time in 1910. Get up an hour early. A teachable moment?

Steve Jones and Craig Callaway. Voter integrity. No stuffing of ballot boxes. Just harvesting of mailed and messenger ballots.

Callaway says Republicans should borrow GOTV, Get Out The Vote ideas from Democrats.

Democrats use the Black community for votes.

Cleanse the voter roles.

Starvation in Gaza? Food delivery being hijacked by Hamas. A Wahabi org. A radical sect or cult of Islam. They believe in Jihad, total was against non-believers.

Invasion of 8 mil migrants.

NJ Gov Murphy raising property taxes.

Income tax pushed by Steve Perskie should have lowered property taxes.

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