Washington Post Finally Gets Permission To Mention Taiwan’s Spectacular Success — But Only To Bash Trump!

The “mainstream” Washington Post today reported for the first time that Taiwan has only eight new coronavirus cases.  Taiwan is an island nation of 24 million people.  It is the only part of China not occupied by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime.  Taiwan is also the only nation in the world that successively avoided coronavirus.  And it did it without shutting down its schools and economy!

That is because Taiwan is the only nation in the world that rejected the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) in responding to Coronavirus.  It instead, did its own investigation and research.

In early January, Taiwan completely banned travel from Communist China.  Soon afterwards, it banned all foreign travel.  That was when both WHO and the Communist regime were insisting that the disease could not possibly spread from human to human.

Taiwan also immediately required requiring masks, enforced quarantines of people infected or exposed, frequent temperature checks, and contact tracing.  Taiwan did not shut down its factories, schools, or businesses.  It is now, of course, far too late to contain the disease in America by doing what Taiwan did at the very beginning.

We posted many articles about Taiwan’s spectacular success since March. Click here for links to our previous posts on Taiwan.  Neither the Washington Post nor any “mainstream” media reported a single word about it.

That is because the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime on the Mainland refuses to recognize Taiwan as an independent nation.  The Communists have repeatedly threatened to occupy it.

We now know that the World Health Organization (WHO) is a rubber stamp or mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime.  Click here for link to our post with link to video that proves it.

It also appears that neither Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, nor anyone in the U.S. public health establishment ever tried to learn from Taiwan or imitate its success.  Judicial Watch is now in court seeking public release of emails between Dr. Fauci and the World Health Organization (WHO).  Judicial Watch wants to know if Fauci was in any way influenced by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime.

We also need why neither the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR nor anyone in the mainstream media reported on Taiwan’s success.

It is now, of course, far to late to apply the successful techniques used by Taiwan.  Taiwan started its travel ban and other measures in early January, when there were just a few dozen cases in the country.

However, it is interesting that now ten months later, the Washington Post for the first time seems to have permission to report on Taiwan’s success.  Is that because it is using that “news” to bash President Trump?

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