August 6, 2015: “ is now online!” is now online!

Only way to?fix damage from?1968 NJ Supreme Court case that?ruined NJ economy with unsustainable debt, taxes, and corruption.

Please forward this email to everyone you know.?? Let’s?make “repudiate” a household word in NJ!

“Repudiate: To reject as unauthorized, untrue, ?or unjust.? To refuse to acknowledge or pay?.??? ?2015-0705-repudiate-car

We have no legal or moral obligation to bail out Wall Street junk bonds by doubling the NJ gasoline tax.?? ?We have no legal or moral right to bail out insolvent pension funds with a 10% sales tax, so roughly 2,000 political insiders?who paid peanuts into the system?get lifetime pensions of more than $100,000 per year.

Please help us improve before we promote it.? If you see any errors in spelling, grammar, style, or facts, please email If you see any images that would enhance the site, please send us the jpg.? (Must be at least 672×372 px, and appropriately proportioned).? Also please forward any online articles or comments we can post on that site.?? Thanks.

Please help when you shop on Amazon. Whenever you shop on Amazon, please go to and select L&P. Then use? to go shopping on You will not pay a penny more for your item, but Liberty and Prosperity will get a donation from your sale.?? Thanks.

Thanks to all who gave such generous support for both Trevor Loudon events last month.?? We raised $760 from 76 people at the breakfast.? We share some of that money with Trevor, and spent the rest promoting him on radio and Facebook.?? The?21 people at the dinner gave us a total of?$2,100 more and others who could not attend made generous donations.??Special thanks to Robert who opened his beautiful beachblock house for us, and?also donated an outstanding catered gourmet dinner.

Trevor just told us he will be in the Philadelphia/Cherry Hill area on August 31.?? If you know of a group there that would host an event for him, please contact him directly.?? If you have trouble reaching him, please contact us at or 609-927-7333.

Did you forget to pay your check for breakfast at Shore Diner when you saw Trevor Loudon on July 25??? If so, please contact us so we can give it to you.? Thanks.

Which cost more??? The Sandy storm of October 2012? ?Or the Obama/Christie Sandy Redistribution of Wealth?afterwards???At least the destruction?from the storm came to an end.

Who would ?spend $220,000 to raise an old, dilapidated ?$75,000 rowhouse in slum neighborhood??? Please send us photos of some of these houses so we can post them.?? This massive government?program administered by Chicago Bridge and Iron, a multinational Dutch company based in Netherlands.? ? One week after storm, one of our members reported how FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) officials??asked her daughter?to sign up friends and family to get “free” $300 cash cards for food spoiled in refrigerator, even where people lost nothing, and were not near areas that were damaged or lost power.

Do you know any contractors who got stiffed by people who got $20,000 to $50,000 in federal money but never paid the contractor who did the work??? Do you know anyone who got FEMA money while in foreclosure after not making mortgage and tax payments for years????Is it wrong?to think??nobody in FEMA, or law enforcement, or Chicago Bridge and Iron cares what happens to the money–as long as it all gets spent?

Why did?18,000 people get $10,000 ?relocation? payments—if they signed papers promising not to relocate???? Why was $500,000 given to?Gateway Theater in Somers Point when it was?closed and ?a wreck before the storm????Latest scam:? Homeowners who already got up to $150,000 for half of damage not covered by insurance are now getting insurance money too?with no obligation to return duplicate payments for the same work! Article I, Section 8 and Tenth Amendment were?put in?U.S. Constitution because Founding Fathers knew this what happens?when politicians in a? big?national government spend enormous sums of money on local people and local problems they know nothing about.??? Total cost goes way beyond the $51 billion spent for Sandy Storm Relief/Redistribution of Wealth.?? Don’t forget?hundreds of billions of dollars spend on give-away programs all over country that our Members of Congress supported to get this give-away program for us!

Regular Breakfast Discussions every Saturday, 9:30AM to 10:30 AM, Shore Diner, Tilton and Fire Roads, Egg Harbor Township by Parkway Exit 36.? Business Meeting for all voting and non-voting members second Saturday of each month. ? IMPORTANT SEPTEMBER EVENTS COMING UP: ? Wednesday, September 2:?? College classes begin at Stockton College and Atlantic Cape Community College.?? Several students are forming a Liberty and Prosperity Student Club at Stockton.?? Seth Grossman teaching U.S. History 2 Monday and Wednesday morning at Atlantic City campus.??? Please contact us if you or any friend or family member is interested in either activity. ? F

riday, September 4, 2015 at 12:00 Noon:?? The exact day Richard Somers of Somers Point died in Tripoli Harbor in 1804 during America?s first war against Jihad.??? The community event is September 20.? If you would like to help us remember Richard Somers at the Somers Point monument on the exact day of his death, please let us know.

Special guest for?September 19 Breakfast:?? Conservative stand-up comic Eric Golub.????He is smart, funny and so politically incorrect.?? He was a surprise treat at our Richard Somers Fundraising buffet last year.?? He has a new book and new and better material than ever.?? We are again asking for a $5 voluntary donation to defray his expenses.?? Everyone who paid last year and bought his books thought told us he was well worth the money.

Sunday, September 20 at 2PM?? Richard Somers remembered by ?Somers Point Historical Society and various organizations at his statue at NJ Ave and Shore Road in Somers Point.?? Seth Grossman will be one of the speakers.? Liberty and Prosperity will sponsor a fundraising event at Gregory?s immediately afterwards.? Please buy your tickets now:? $25 per person.? $35 per couple.

Read any good Liberty or Conservative books lately??? Why not visit our office and library and borrow one of our books or tapes for no charge?no obligation? Seth Grossman, Executive Director 453 Shore Road Somers Point, NJ? 08244 (609) 927-7333

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