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Meet us at Bayfest this Saturday, April 28 after our regular breakfast.

Regular Saturday radio program on 92.1 FM 8AM to 9AM.??? Breakfast at Shore Diner, Tilton & Fire Roads, Egg Harbor Township, by Parkway Exit 35,?9:30AM to 10:30AM every Saturday.? First breakfast free for high school and college students.

We are still looking for a student drummer for our information tent at Bayfest, and for the Memorial Day parade.??? We have authorized a $50 stipend for each event.?? If interested, contact Seth Grossman at sethgrossman49@gmail.com.

State Senator Joseph Kyrillos will be our guest at our May 5 Saturday breakfast.?? Senator Kyrillos is the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate endorsed by the Atlantic County Republican organization, and all other Republican county organizations in New Jersey.???? To earn the respect of Senator Kyrillos and other established Republican leaders, it is very important to show the strength of our organization by attending this event.

Business Meeting.? Saturday May 12.?? We will be nominating officers and members of our Board of Trustees.?? If you would like to hold a leadership position with our organization, please contact Seth Grossman at sethgrossman49@gmail.com or any Officer or Board Member.


Are your local officials giving themselves big pay hikes??? You don’t have to let them. New Jersey Statute 40A:9-165 lets citizens in all towns (not just Faulkner or Walsh Act towns) freeze all pay hikes for elected officials until they are approved by voters at the next election if 5% of the voters sign petitions.??? Citizens can set the salaries of their elected officials for two years by submitting petitions signed by 10% of the voters.?? Voters in all towns can also force referendums on any proposed bond ordinances to borrow money.??? Last month, Atlantic City’s council voted to give the mayor a salary of “1% more than the highest paid employee in the town”.??? That means no more checks and balances!?? If the mayor gives big pay hikes to his employees, he automatically gets a pay hike for himself!?? Will Atlantic City voters use petitions to block this pay hike?

Please review Seth Grossman essay?before it is published in the Current newspapers of Atlantic County.??? Last week, his essay was published in the Middle Township Gazette of Cape May County and several other issues.??? You can read last week’s published article at http://shorenewstoday.com or http://libertyandprosperity.org.

Please send your corrections, criticisms, and suggestions to sethgrossman49@gmail.com.??? If you compare the rough draft columns sent to you by email with the final product that is published, you can see how much your comments improve the quality and effectiventess of these essays.??? Thanks.

Proposed LibertyAndProsperity.org column for April 26;

?All the key people and resources are in place for the first time. . . Atlantic City can take the next step toward becoming a distinguished, mature, destination resort.?? However, we should all be alarmed about the negativity that surrounds us these days?.??? Harry Hurley, Current Newspapers,? April 19, 2012

Harry?s column last week assumed as facts, the big lies that Republican Governor Chris Christie and Democrat State Senate President? (and Ironworkers Union leader) Steve Sweeney have fed us for the past two years.?? These lies are repeated almost every day by their cheerleaders at our local daily paper, TV station and Stockton College– and by some local radio talk-radio hosts.

They tell us that Atlantic City?s? casino economy crashed because we South Jersey hicks could not run a casino resort in the new era of out-of-state competition.?? ?They tell us that only Big Government ??experts? handpicked by Big Corporation (Christie) Republicans and Big Union (Sweeney-Norcross) Democrats can save the town.

These folks took over Atlantic City with their? Special Tourism District, their new Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) of spending?not reinvesting, their government subsidized Revel Casino, and their Atlantic City Alliance (a private advertising company paid for with ?$150 million of forced contributions from casinos).
Our ??mainstream? local media now reports their ?progress? ?every day the way communist regimes once reported their failed Five Year Plans for economic development as big successes?even they caused starvation.

People like me with dissenting views? were ?ignored by the mainstream local media and the leaders of both political parties.??? But Harry?s column is something new.?? It seems like the regime that controls New Jersey state government?like he Obama regime in Washington?is preparing to blame its own failures on its opponents.

Atlantic City is a failure because of what was done and not done by those Big Corporation Republicans and Big Union Democrats who run the Big Government of New Jersey?and ?their willing accomplices in the local media and? Stockton College.

In my opinion, these five ?problems are killing Atlantic City:

1.?????? ??In Nevada, the casino industry has a strong voice in state politics.? ?In New Jersey, an unconstitutional state law deprives the entire casino industry of its constitutional right to support or oppose candidates and ?speak out on public issues.???? This taxation without representation is tyranny.?? And tyranny kills business and jobs in Atlantic Citgy with high taxes, high electric rates, and corrupt government.

2.?????? National and state laws and policies flooded our country with legal and illegal immigrants to do unskilled work.?? Meanwhile our public schools, the media and pop culture, and? vote-buying government programs by Republicans and Democrats got millions of native born Americans to grow up without an education or jobs skills?but with an attitude that they are ?entitled? to good housing, food, utilities, health care recreation, and cell phones?all ?without having to do unskilled work to earn them.??? A lot of those folks live in Atlantic City.? They know they are ?entitled? to? the same government benefits even if their crime and litter kill the tourism business.

3.?????? There are too many zoning, license, and environmental laws in New Jersey.? Atlantic City won?t even let you rent out your own condo or apartment to tourists–something done in almost every other successful resort.? ??For too many people, crime is the only profitable business an ordinary person can do in Atlantic City.?? No permits or licenses are needed.

4.?????? Taxes are high in Atlantic City because spending is out of control.? Salaries are so high that newjersey.watchdog.org reports that ?14 retired Atlantic City employees ?now get ?pensions of more than $100,000 per year.?? Nobody cared when casinos (with no political voice) paid 80% of the local taxes.??? But casinos once taxed at $400 million are now selling for $30 million.? They are paying much less in taxes, and everyone else must pay a lot more.? (The new Revel Casino is exempt from most taxes).

5.?????? You still can?t see the ocean from the Boardwalk.? Governor Christie promised to remove the ugly, state-mandated artificial sand dunes more than a year ago?about the time it took for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to built its new Boardwalk and level its dunes.

Atlantic City will not address these problems and succeed until state government lets people again have liberty– Low taxes, limited government that lets each individual free to succeed or fail, and fair, and simple laws that apply equally to everyone.

Respectfully submitted,
SETH GROSSMAN, Executive Director

(609) 927-7333

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