Weekly Update – CORRECTED UPDATE–Why it is important to march with us this Monday–MAY 28–Memorial Day!

Corrected Update — Parade this Monday, MAY 28

1.? Memorial Day Parades?Monday, May 28.?????? Why we need you, your kids, and your grandkids to march with us.

Although most people agree with us, most people with political power ignore us.??? That is because they think pay-to-play politics, not liberty?is the best way to get elected and advance their careers.

So far, they have been right.??? The special interests that benefit from special deals from the government are organized and disciplined and make sure their people get elected.?? Too many ?Tea Party? conservatives are too disorganized or busy with other things to stick to a program long enough to change things.

The Memorial Day Parade is a chance to prove if we are organized and disciplined enough to have at least two dozen of our members march down Shore Road.??? If we are organized and disciplined enough to do this, the community will see that we are organized and disciplined enough to do other things as well.??? If only a handful show up, the community will draw a different conclusion.

So far, just over a dozen of our members have agreed to participate.?? If you can participate this year, please email Dennis Mahon by return email or Seth Grossman at sethgrossman49@gmail.com.?? Or call Dennis at (609) 204-2511, Seth (609) 927-7333, or Mike Smith of Mays Landing at (609) 625-1724.?? Also contact them if you can make phone calls to get more people to participate.

If? you can participate, please meet us at the home of? Dennis Mahon at 7 Twelve Oaks Court in Northfield, NJ ?for coffee at 8AM.??? The weather will be hot, so please dress appropriately.?? Shorts for men and appropriate T-shirts are permitted as long as there is no lettering or message, political or otherwise.?? The only message will be the message carried on our signs and banners.

Everyone who marches will wear a red-white-blue sash over the left shoulder, which will be given out at the beginning of the parade.

There will be a color guard carrying the U.S., New Jersey, and Don?t Tread on Me flags.???? We will also carry our Liberty and Prosperity and ?Repudiate Unconstitutional Debt? banners.???? Everyone not carrying a flag or banner will be asked to carry a ?liberty pole??a symbolic wooden pike draped with the red cap of? liberty.

Two young men, Matt Lewis of? Corbin City and Adam Byers of Galloway will beat their drums.


This liberty pole was a popular symbol during the American Revolution.??? The wooden pike is a peasant?s weapon that was useless if one peasant used it against an armored knight?but very effective if the whole village turned out to defend the rights of any single citizens whose rights were threatened.??? The red cap of liberty was worn in ancient times? by slaves who had earned their freedom and were no longer slaves.?? Both symbols appear on the New Jersey state flag.

At 8:30 AM we drive to where the Northfield parade starts at 9AM.???? We then walk about 1/3 of a mile down Shore Road in Northfield.

At the end of the Northfield parade, we drive to the Linwood parade that starts at 10AM.?? Then we walk in the Somers Point parade that starts at 11AM.?? We then return to the home of Dennis Mahon in Northfield for lunch, beverages, and conversation.

The purpose of taking part in these parades is to not only honor the dead on Memorial Day, but to dedicate we, the living, to their unfinished work of protecting and defending liberty today.

We again urge you to help us? by participating in this event.?? However, it will be hot.??? The Northfield and Linwood parades are short.??? The Somers Point Parade runs nearly a mile.?? Please only participate if you are physically fit enough to walk this distance.??? Thanks.

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