Weekly Update – Did Republican Christie re-elect Democrat Obama? Ready to run for public office next year?


1. ? ? ? ? ?Regular Breakfast Discussion this Saturday, November 17, 2012 from 9:30AM to 10:30AM at the Shore Diner. Tilton and Fire Roads in Egg Harbor Township.? by Parkway Exit 36.??? Because there was so much interest in the election?we did not show the 30 minute video from Hillsdale College on the U.S. Constitution and American Liberty last week.? We will show it this Saturday. ?NO BREAKFAST DISCUSSION THE SATURDAY AFTER THANKSGIVING (Nov. 24).?? ALSO, NO BREAKFAST MEETING DECEMBER 22 OR DECEMBER 29). ?Please forward this email to everyone on your list. ?And tell them to sign up for their own update at http://libertyandprosperity.org.

2.? Regular live, two way talk radio on 92.1 FM (Vineland) heard in most of South Jersey, Philadelphia, and Wilmington, Saturday from 8AM to 9AM with Seth Grossman.?? Seth Grossman is also heard as a guest with Larry Trulli and Dan Klein on 1020 AM WIBG from 8AM to 10 AM on Mondays. ? For more informaton go to our website at http://www.libertyandprosperity.org.

3. ? ?All the TV networks and their “experts” claim that Tea Party conservatives caused the Republican defeat. ? But didn’t Chris?Christie Republicans ?cause all those Barack Obama Democrats to get elected???? Do Romney Republicans now understand what Steve Lonegan Republicans learned three years ago?that Chris Christie Republicans would rather deal with Steve Sweeney Democrats than with Steve Lonegan Republicans.?? That Chris Christie Republicans will fight with everything they have to stop conservative Republicans from winning June primary elections, but only half-step it when campaigning against Democrats in November?

4.? Should Frank LoBiondo and other Republicans who still hold a majority in the House of Representatives work with Democrats to raise taxes spending and debt?and give amnesty to illegal immigrants??to save the Republican Party????? See draft of Seth Grossman column for the Current/Gazette Newspapers below.

5. ??We made some difference, but not enough on the ballot question to borrow $750 +$250 million for expensive construction on college campuses.?? Ballot Question #1 passed statewide 1,405,000 (62%) to 865,000 (38%).?? But in the counties where LibertyAndProsperity.org is active, the margin was closer.? ?In southern New Jersey, the college bond question was supported by 57 percent of voters in Atlantic County, 56 percent in Cape May County, 54 percent in Ocean County and 58 percent in Cumberland County?.? http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/politics/new-jersey-voters-approve-higher-ed-construction-judges-benefits-ballot/article_02bbd0b6-289a-11e2-a685-001a4bcf887a.html.

6. ? Stop the Debt battle not over.?? The ballot question passed because all Republican candidates and legislators (Except State Senator Mike Doherty) joined with Democrats in supporting a ?yes? vote.??? But the state is still hopelessly in debt, and collecting less in taxes to pay for it.??? Let?s remind voters of how Republican Assemblyment Chris Brown and John Amodeo voted for more debt.?? And how the fine print in the legislation requires a new state-wide property tax sales tax money is not enough?and how this new state debt takes priority over pension obligations!?? These Legislators can stop this debt any time before the money is actually borrowed and spent?if they want to.

7. ?New Jersey used to be a swing state.??? But Republican Governors Tom Kean, Christie Todd Whitman, and Chris Christie changed all that by giving us more government, more laws to force more people to pay union dues, laws, more taxes, and more debt.?? Conservatives can’t fight Democrat programs because Republicans join with them to make almost everything “bi-partisan”. ? ?Republicans in New Jersey have become buffers protecting Democrats rather than allies working with us. ? Meanwhile, Democrats do everything they can to help their base.

8. ?Help us make our message of liberty easier to sell.?? At last Saturday?s ?business meeting, we agreed to review our Ten Point Program, and focus on just five of the five most important issues ? But what should they be???? Please go to http://libertyandprosperity.org/learn/ten-principles-of-liberty/ and read our current Ten Point Program.? Then suggest the five most important liberty issues (even new ideas not on the current list) that we should focus on for 2013.)

9. ?While Republicans lost elections all over the state, Northfield Republican Jim Travagline was elected to city council 1,189 to 682.???? To win the Republican nomination, Travagline first had to defeat the institutional Republican candidate backed by the Atlantic County labor unions in the June primary.?? Now three ?liberty? candidates and a conservative Democrat opposed by the labor unions hold a majority Northfield City Council.?? Shane Dailyda, one of our members was defeated in her first bid for elective office?but she did learn to be an effective campaigner?and she did get roughly 1,600 votes.

10. ??Learn how to run for office.? NJEA (Teachers Union) members who choose to run for office have a recource to help them balance their work life, family life, and political life:?? the NJEA Political Leadership Academy.? ?NJEA?s Political Leadership Academy (PLA) has been training NJEA members to run for office with remarkable success,? said Ginger Gold Schnitzer, NJEQA?s director of Government Relations.?? ?NJEA graduates of the academy are already holding elected positions on school boards and town councils.?? Classes, which are held at NJEA headquarters in Trenton show members what it takes to be a community leader and how to get the resources (i.e. money) they need to run a successful campaign. . . ??? NJEA Newsletter mailed to 195,000 NJEA members in October, 2012.

11. ? Would you like to be a winning candidate in the June, 2013 primary elections?? If so, please contact us we can get you into a similar academy for liberty candidates.

12. ?Do sand dunes really work??? Should we spend a fortune to rebuild them????? According to the Press of Atlantic City, ?South Jersey dunes did their duty but now need to be rebuilt.?? South Jersey?s coastline likely will see hundreds of millions of dollars invested in building up dunes and beaches in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.? ??The sand barriers worked, but were eroded by the storm and need to be replenished. Their effectiveness at keeping oceanfront properties intact ? or at least minimizing damage ? also has prompted towns that don?t have dunes or augment their beaches to reconsider the practice. . .???? See http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/news/breaking/south-jersey-dunes-did-their-duty-but-now-need-rebuild/article_72ccaed8-2a0d-11e2-be23-001a4bcf887a.html

13. ?But others (including Margate resident Glenn Klotz of ?http://www.athebeach.blogspot.com/) ?say that concrete seawalls and wooden bulkheads did a better job.?? And don?t have to be rebuilt.? And do not block ocean views.? And do not create stagnant water that breeds mosquitos and greenheads. ? ?And that ocean dunes do nothing to protect against more severe back bay floods. ? ?If you live by the beach, let us know what you observed so we can share your information.

14.? ?I lived at by the shore all my life.?? I was on Long Beach Island during the Hurricane of 1944 which was just as bad as this one.? I was seven years old.?? I was in Atlantic City during the March 1962 storm.??? Never, during all these floods did the government ever stop people from going back to their own homes after the storm was over. . . ??? Liberty and Prosperity member Clarence Abbott at the November 10, 2012 breakfast discussion.

15.? ?There was no reason why I could not go home on Tuesday after the storm.?? I lived in the Ocean Club high rise (in Atlantic City).??? The roads were fine.?? There was no damage and no flooding.?? The Governor was arrogant and abused his power.? I will never support him again. . . ??? Liberty and Prosperity member Dr? Howard Barsky at the November 10, 2012 breakfast discussion.?

15.?? During the height of the storm, the TV networks showed graphic images of the Atlantic City Boardwalk being smashed to pieces with the reporter stating ?And the iconic Atlantic City Boardwalk was washed away?.??? Of course, this was a section of the Boardwalk at Maine Avenue that was abandoned years ago and slated for demolition.???? Now, the Atlantic City Alliance is spending thousands of dollars to tell the public that the Boardwalk had very little damage and is open for business.??? Why didn?t Governor Christie and other state officials say that during the storm, when everyone was watching???? Or was that an ?inconvenient truth? at the time?

15.? Seth Grossman Column?Your comments are VERY helpful.??? Last week Seth Grossman?s rough draft column was harsh and inaccurate, because he was not aware of the extent of the back bay flooding when he wrote it.?? He thanks you for your comments which got him to re-write the column before it was published.?? You can read the revised column http://www.shorenewstoday.com/snt/news/index.php/politics/31463-staying-was-neither-stupid-nor-selfish.html

16.??? Here?s Seth Grossman?s rough draft column for this week:

Seth Grossman

Last week,? Democrat Obama defeated Republican Romney for President in a very close election:? 50.5% to 47.9%.??? Republicans lost two seats in the U.S. Senate.? But they kept control of the House of Representatives–the branch of the federal government responsible for spending, taxes and borrowing.

The TV networks and their political ?experts? say this somehow proves that the American people completely rejected conservatives.??? And that Frank LoBiondo and other Republicans in Congress can save their party only by being like Chris Christie–working with Democrats to give us more laws, higher taxes, more debt?and amnesty for some 20 million foreigners who are here illegally.

But didn?t Christie Republicans just re-elect Democrat Obama?

Why did 93% of African Americans vote for Obama with a huge turnout????? Because thousands of ?community organizers? knocked on every door in black neighborhoods and personally told? everyone that Republicans would put them back in chains if didn?t get out and vote for every Democrat on the ballot.

Of course, the opposite is true.?? The Republican party ended slavery, and conservatives want blacks to be as educated, prosperous and independent as the rest of us.?? Only the well-paid community organizers with their do- nothing government and ?non-profit?? organizations funded with federal taxes benefit? when blacks live in poor, crime-ridden neighborhoods.

Yet year after year, Republicans spend billions of tax dollars on grants that pay the salaries of? these ?community organizers? even when they control Congress.

Why did? 55% of women and 60% of young people under 30 voted for Obama???? Both voting blocks could have been won over? if Republicans like Romney and Ryan? talked how the? Declaration of Independence, and the Ninth and Tenth Amendments of the Constitution give the President the duty to equally protect the ?unalienable? rights of each individual to make his or her most personal decisions? including? the right not to be forced to join a union to get a job.

But Republicans never mentioned liberty or the Constitution.??? Instead, Republican Vice-Presidential candidate spoke of his personal religious belief that? a human life begins at conception.??? I respect Ryan?s? personal beliefs,? but many religious Christians and others believe that issue is more complicated.

Ironically, it was Democrat Vice President? Joe Biden gave a constitutional answer to the same debate question.? Biden explained that the President as a public duty to put aside his personal religious views to equally protect the rights of everyone?including those with different religious beliefs.

Christie Republicans could once? get away with telling?? ?pro-life? groups that they were ?pro-life? while privately telling ?pro-choice? women that their rights were protected by the courts.??? But that changed in 2000 when Republicans took the White House and Senate and could change the Supreme Court.

Now, Democrats? and the media force Republican candidates to answer questions that take the ?human life begins at conception? doctrine to its logical conclusion.?? ?If human life indeed begins at conception, aren?t abortions for rape and incest? also murder????? Most answers to this difficult question offend someone, and lose votes for Republicans.

It?s time for Republicans to re-think this issue and admit it is? way too personal and complicated to be in politics.

But Obama also made big mistakes?especially in that first debate.??? That gave Romney a chance to for a narrow victory anyway.? Until our ?Republican? Governor Chris Christie?s? killed it.

Christie?s unnecessary and undeserved praise of Obama? during the critical five days before the election put Obama back in the lead.???? Christie was not just an ordinary Republican Governor.??? Christie was Romney?s? keynote speaker at the Republican Convention.? And Christie spoke for Romney in many key swing states.

The Democrats immediately produced and ran devastating TV spots of Christie praising Obama non-stop in all the swing states.
This was no accident.?? Christie knew exactly what he was doing.?? But why?

Part was to get buckets of federal relief money.??? By closing the casinos and all barrier islands for five days,? Christie created more economic damage than the storm.??? But if Obama bails us out with buckets of federal money, nobody will care.

But being adored for days on national TV was even more important. ???Christie could only get that coverage from liberal TV networks by helping Obama win the election.??? They only build up? Republicans (like John McCain) when they are useful in keeping other Republicans from winning.???? Did Christie forget that the? TV networks then destroy? these ?useful idiot ?? Republicans once they are no longer useful? (like John McCain).

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