Weekly Update for October 17, 2009

Weekly Update for October 17, 2009

1. REGULAR BREAKFAST DISCUSSION AT ATHENA DINER, NEW ROAD, NORTHFIELD: This Saturday, October 17, 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM. Visit http:// www.libertyandprosperity.org.

a. Special Guest: STEVE LONEGAN, former candidate for Governor.

b. Special Topic: KNOW about the $400 million ballot question. Then vote ?NO?! Go to his website, http://stophighertaxes.com/ .

i. We can?t afford to pay back the $40 billion of state government debt ($5,000 per person) we have already. That?s why Corzine tried to sell the toll roads!

ii. We narrowly voted to borrow $200 million for this same stuff just two years ago. The money was all spent in six months, but we have 18 more years to pay it back with interest!

iii. The politicians say this $400 million is for Green Acres, Blue Acres, Open Space, and Historic Preservation, etc. But it is always ?bait and switch in New Jersey?. The money will go to the same politicians and the ?friends? who bankroll their campaigns. That?s why the same old big city bosses are pushing a ?yes? vote–They will get most of the money!

iv. Five percent ($20 million)will pay ?administrative? expenses to Wall Street firms like Goldman Sachs who destroyed the economy?but are still getting big bonuses?and giving lots of cash to their ?friends? in government who keep bailing them out.

v. Green Acres money pays to bulldozes tree and fields to build stadiums, artificial turf and parking lots. Some of the most expensive ?open space? they ?save?, bails rich investors out of bad real estate deals that can?t be developed anyway. (Like land by the power lines in Camden County!)

vi. Learn a whole lot more at http://stophighertaxes.com/.

vii. Steve Lonegan will also bring a thousand lawn signs to the breakfast. You can also pick them up at my law office at 453 Shore Road, Somers Point! Do your share! Let?s get those signs up all over South Jersey!

2. Did you see the video of New Jersey first graders taught to sing praises to President Obama? See original video from Burlington County elementary school at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8grOVPu_sRU. Or as broadcast by Sean Hannity on Fox News at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iv8Rl…c-HM-fresh+div. Or see a similar video from California which ends up with German school children singing praises to Adolph Hitler in 1930?s. Click http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdPSq…eature=related. Our sincere thanks to the 90 citizens who demonstrated at the school to bring attention to this blatant indoctrination.

3. I am no longer allowed to give our basic 50 minute enrichment program on American liberty in local high schools, even though teachers and students have praised the program as interesting, informative, and fair. The school administrators say they cannot permit such ?political? activity in ?their? schools.

4. Why pay 60% of your income for government, if it can?t even protect you from a deranged neighbor who wants to kill you? Read my essay on liberty for this week, as published in the Current and Gazette newspapers. Seth Grossman, political columnist at http://www.shorenewstoday.com/news.php?id=4893.

5. We adopted a new Mission Statement this Monday! Let?s make sure everything we do advances that mission. Let?s avoid action and discussion that does not advance that mission:

“Liberty and Prosperity 1776, Inc. is a non-profit, education organization. We are registered and recognized by both the State of New Jersey and the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity. Our mission is to learn and teach why ‘Liberty and Prosperity’, New Jersey’s motto since 1776, is still true and relevant today — and how Americans can again be free and effective citizens.”

6. We need your help. We need your money and your time. We need you to be a member and help decide what projects we should work on. MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Voting Members: $60 dues, Attend 3 business meetings per year, Work on one board approved project per year. Non-Voting Members: $30 per year, not attendance or volunteer requirements.

7. LIBERTY AT THE MOVIES? We will show ?The Cartel?, an excellent movie of how the NJEA New Jersey Teacher?s Union dumbed down education, hijacked the Democrat and Republican parties, and bankrupted our state. Former Education official Valerie Smith will be present to discuss the movie and answer questions. This will be a BIG event! Mark your calendar: Monday, October 26 at 6:30 PM at the County Library on Main Street in Mays Landing. Admission is free, but a donation is recommended to keep the program going.

By the way: The NJEA is going all out to defeat Republican candidate Chris Christie and re-elect Governor John Corzine. It told its 180,000 members to vote for Corzine for these four reasons:

1. ?Christie wants to sharply reduce the revenue streams that fund public schools?. If taxpayers are earning less, they should pay less in taxes. The teacher?s union wants us to earn less and pay more!

2. ?Christie wants to do away with the current pension system and force school employees into a 401(k) type plan?. But everyone knows that the current pension system has to be changed. Right now, it is a Bernie Madoff-Ponzi scheme that will go broke in just a few years.

3. ?Christie wants to eliminate collective bargaining for public school employees?. The current system gives public school employees automatic pay hikes even when the taxpayers who pay them earn less. For example, public school employees in almost every district just got big 4.5% pay hikes. Did you?

4. Christie is against government funded day care centers in every public school that hires only high price, NJEA union teachers who can?t be fired.

Democrat Corzine is for all these things. Chris Christie seems to be against them. Did the NJEA teacher?s union give you four good reasons to vote for Chris Christie?

What about ?independent? candidate Chris Daggett? His big property tax relief plan is this: Keep out-of- control local government and public school spending as they are, but pay state government ?rebates? to ?some? homeowner. Where will the money come from? Create a new 14% tax on seasonal rentals to match the 14% state tax on hotel and motel room rentals! Hotel and motel guests paid a 6% tax on room rentals until Democrat McGreevey hiked it to 14% in 2003. That tax hike started the decline of our tourist industry. Where did Chris Daggett get his campaign money? Is anybody saying?

5. THE DATABASE PROJECT: What is the name, address, phone number, and e-mail address, and political party of every freeholder, mayor, council member, commissioner, township committee member, school board member, and county committee person in your county? Which of them will be seeking re-election next year? If you don?t know that information, you should. We still need some more people on this committee. Please please contact me at 609-927-7333 or grossman@snip.net.

Seth Grossman, Executive Director, www.libertyandprosperity.org,
453 Shore Road, Somers Point, NJ 08244.
Tel. 609-927-7333.

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