Weekly Update – July 19, 2013


1.? BREAKFAST DISCUSSION? tomorrow, Saturday, ?July 20 from 9:30AM to 10:30 AM.??? ?Guest Speaker: Amgad Benjamin will explain?what is really going on in Egypt, and how dangerous it is for Americans to be this clueless.

2.? HELP US REACH OUT TO OUR ?VICTIMS? TO BUILD A WINNING COALITION FOR LIBERTY.??? The “progressive”?left turns?every person with a personal?tragedy or set-back in life into a??victim? of an America they claim is ?unfair, racist, violent, greedy, and/or ignorant.????? The “progressive” left convinces these “victims” that they are helpless without a?big, powerful government run by the “progressive” left to protect them from conservatives like us.

Let’s? use those same tactics to defeat the left and win friends for liberty.??? Let’s identify and reach out to our own “victims” who would be much better off with more liberty and less government.????Help them understand why New Jersey adopted the motto “Liberty and Prosperity” (the idea that?only liberty creates?prosperity) in 1776.

A.? Union carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc.?? Help us reach them and?explain how their?big union dues pay for for high paid ?business agents? who lobby for high taxes and government borrowing that put them out of work, and make everything they need to expensive.??? Explain how useless projects like the Revel, the Atlantic City baseball stadium, NextGen, the Landis/Levoy Theaters, empty shopping malls, windmills and solar panel ?farms?, etc. ?kill the economy and kill jobs.?? And?how the ?pro-union? politicians they are told to vote for are even killing their health care and pension plans.

B.? African-Americans and legal Hispanics.? Help us meet them and explain how refusal to enforce the ?new? immigration reform law of 1986 overwhelmed our schools, hospitals, and law enforcement with more than 20 million foreigners who are not learning our language or our culture?and how this is driving up crime, poverty, and taxes, will killing jobs and cutting wages and benefits.?? And how this is hurting blacks and legal Hispanics more than anyone else.

C.?? Students? Explain how one summer of work used to pay for a year of college?until the liberals took over in the 1980?s.?? Explain how students and their families could easily afford colleges that were not spending most of their tuition money advancing ?progressive? agendas?and obscene pay,? benefits, and pensions for top college administrators and union professors.?and ?Taj Mahal? student centers, dorms, and stadiums built by ?pay-to-play? union contractors.

D.???? Every owner of a home by the beach in Monmouth, Ocean, Atlantic, or Cape May counties.?? Many families saved a lifetime to afford a house on the beach with an ocean view.?? Now, the government is telling them to put their houses on stilts, and? block their ocean views with piles of sand?even though 3 foot wooden bulkheads would give the same protection.

E.?? Every other property owner in Monmouth, Ocean, Atlantic, or Cape May Counties.??? As high taxes and bad government kills property values along the beach, those properties pay lower taxes and every other property owner in these counties is hit with higher taxes to make up the difference.

F.?? Home and business owners who can?t afford NJ?s high electric bills.??? NJ electric bills are going up,? even though?the cost of natural gas and making electricity is going down.?? This is because both Democrats and Republicans in NJ force electric companies to charge extra for wind turbines and solar panels that don?t work?and then charge even more for ?societal benefits fees? that give free service to people who can?t afford the higher electric bills they create!

Do you know any of these “victims”??? Please contact me and let me know the best ways to reach them.???? Do you know of any other “victims”? of our bi-partisan, “progressive” left/”pay-to-play” government here in New Jersey????Are any of them here at the Jersey Shore during the summer??? If so, please contact us and let us know how to reach them.??? Thanks.i

3.? Time to prepare for Richard Somers Day.?? Richard Somers was born in Somers Point in 1776, and died at age 28 fighting Muslim terrorists who were killing and enslaving sailors and passengers on American ships in the Mediterranean Sea.??? Every year, we work with the Somers Point Historical Society to put together a very interesting and informative education program that also raises funds for our organization.?? Please contact me if you can help with this event.

For more information, go to?www.libertyandprosperity.org?or our Liberty and Prosperity Facebook page.


Seth Grossman, Executive Director
453 Shore Road, Somers Point, NJ? 08244
Tel.??(609) 927-7333


  1. ?Make all laws and taxes fair and simple.? Apply them equally to everyone.
  2. Teach every citizen and public official to read, understand, respect,? and comply? the U.S. and NJ Constitutions, and understand why these written contracts with our elected representatives are important.
  3. Refuse to pay any New Jersey government debt not approved by voters as required by the NJ Constitution.
  4. Post all state, county, local, and public school salaries and contracts on the internet.
  5. Recognize the right of each individual to work at any job without being compelled to join or pay dues to any organization as a condition of employment.
  6. ?Distribute all New Jersey Income Tax receipts deposited in the ?NJ Property Tax Relief Fund? as originally intended in 1976–Either equally to every property owner or for the education of each school-age child on a per student basis as originally intended.
  7. Let parents apply their children?s share of state public education money to the schools they choose to have their children attend.
  8. Have frequent referendums (public votes) on issues of public importance.

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